13 Qualities Of An Extremely Self-Motivated Person.


“Nothing is getting in the way of my goals!”

That is the mentality that everyone should have when you’re trying to achieve something. Sadly a lot of people won’t understand why you are the way that you are. People will begin to think that you’re changing, and actually you are. Change is a good thing. A self-motivated person has a very focused mind because they know that if they don’t do it than no one else will. So here are some personality traits of motivated individuals.

13.) Pig Headed

This can be confused with stubborn, but really it’s the fact that they have a destination and they are getting to it no matter what.

12.) Confident. 

Sometimes can be confused with cocky. The mentality here is basically “I have to believe in me else no one else will.”

11.) A loner

When you’re motivated and have to rely on yourself, sometimes being a loner is what comes with the territory. You can’t afford to get into the drama of others lives because it will distract you.

10.) Gets frustrated when taken off task. 

A self-motivated person has their mind focused on one task, and if you force them not to accomplish that, it can be a bad day.

9.) Very Punctual 

When you’re self-motivated you have to set deadlines yourself and follow them strictly else you will take forever to accomplish your goals. Most time these strict deadlines translate into life situations, so people don’t be late.

8.) Quiet at times. 

It’s not as though they don’t want to talk to you. It’s that they have had an idea come into their mind and need time to work it out.

7.) Very laid back. 

Most self-motivated people can be laid back because they don’t care about other’s drama. They won’t really dip their head into a situation unless it’s urgent. They’ve got to much that they’re dealing with themselves.

6.) Passionate. 

One thing that can happen, if you get them talking about their passion they can talk for hours. It doesn’t even have to be their career, it can be a hobby.

5.) Less patient

Patience is key to their career. Patience doesn’t always translate to life situations especially when they feel as though they are wasting their time. A self-motivated person is always thinking “I can be at home getting work done.” It’s not as though they will snap on you, but they will tell their frustration through their eyes.

4.) Doesn’t believe in wasting time. 

Don’t waste a self-motivated persons time, just don’t. It’s the quickest way to get cut off.

3.) Only surrounds themselves with like minded individuals. 

Once you’ve reached this level of self awareness as a self-motivated individual has done, they can’t afford to have people around who don’t think like them. A like minded individual will understand, some who isn’t like minded will only complain.

2.) Not hesitant to cut the negativity from their life.

It takes a great toll on a person to battle their own doubts. A self-motivated individual doesn’t need anymore critics than the one that’s already in their head.

1.) Above all else they are humble

You don’t get to that level without learning from your mistakes. Because you did learn from your mistakes, you understand the benefits of appreciating everything you’ve got.

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– Little King


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