16 Annoying Things That Can Ruin A Day.


On this random day I figured I would give you guys a random post of things that are annoying.

  • When you warm up your food and it’s popping like guns in World War II but it’s still cold.

  • Drying your clothes for what seems like 21 and ¾ hours and then you take them out and they feel dry. But then when they cool down they’re still damp.

  • When you have plenty of cereal that you’re excited to eat and the milk to cereal ratio is off and you can’t fill your bowl up.

  • When one of your headphones is louder than the other because there’s a short in one of them.

  • Being in line at the grocery store for 35 minutes and then they open up a free lane and someone takes there cart full of items and gets in front of you, and all you had is some milk to get that cereal you wanted to eat!

  • Listening to music and people are still trying to talk to you like you want to be bothered.

  • Being on a diet and someone buys you food that does your diet no justice.

  • Being at work in general.

  • When someone tries to make you have a conversation that you really don’t want to have.

  • Watching a movie and someone is talking through the movie.

  • Having to be somewhat sociable in a situation where you don’t know or care about anyone there.

  • When someone doesn’t understand the difference between a fact and an opinion.

  • Being tired as hell and someone wants to have a conversation that requires a response.

  • When people ride with their blinkers on and you can’t tell if they’re changing lanes or not. Usually the first thought that comes into your head is running them off the road.

  • When you can’t find the tape on the roll.

  • Writing this article and realizing that I can’t think of anything else.

Sometimes there are just those days when everything gets on your nerves.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

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