17 things you’re saying at work that means their’s something better for you.


1.) – “This job, it’s taking my social life away.”

2.) “I do not feel like working today.”

3.) “How many sick days do I have left?”

4.) “How many vacation days do I have?”

5.) “I know I’m worth more than this job.”

6.) “I really don’t want to get out of bed.”

7.) “I’m just trying to pay the bills.”

8.) “I’m to tired to do anything else.”

9.) “Everyone just leave me alone.”

10.) “I hate looking at their stupid face.”

11.) “Man is it lunch time yet?”

12.) “This day is dragging?”

13.) “Maybe If I don’t look at my watch time will go faster?”

14.) “Damn, it’s only been ten minutes.”

15.) “I can’t go workout because I have to work to do.”

16.) “This job is just a place holder, I’ll find what I need.”

17.) “If I could get paid for doing my hobby, I’d do that.”


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