3 Underrated Teams To Look Out For During This NFL Season.


We all know of the teams that are stacked and ready to make a push for playoffs this year. The Colts, The Packers, The Patriots, The Broncos, The Seahawks. But every year the NFL has at least one team that we did not expect to put up any kind of fight and then they make a playoff push. I’ve watched this entire off-season and I’ve seen what additions teams have made, and this year is going to be another fun year. So here are the top 3 underrated teams to look out for.



I know that last year was a terrible year for them. I want you to look at the facts. They had inconsistent quarterback play, and their star running back was gone for the season. This year they’ve got Doug Martin back and he’s looking like he’s back to form. They’ve got a great wide receiver tandem in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. And they’ve picked up Jameis Winston. Jameis will struggle in the beginning of the season, you can bet on that. But the way that he’s already commanding this offense is an amazing thing to watch. So watch out for the Bucs.


Reggie Walker, Calais Campbell

The Defense. My goodness the defense. Last year they were a force to be reckoned with. After all not everyone can go into Seattle and beat the Seahawks at home. They just added Chris Johnson and expect him to be split out quite a bit. Expect for Larry Fitzgerald to be Larry. The Defense will cause havoc all over the field. I’m thinking that they get themselves the wild card this year. They should’ve got it last year, but the teams were all just so great. Carson Palmer will have a make or break year, but he didn’t have a terrible year last year so expect him to only get better if he can stay healthy.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Giants

This team has added such weapons to their offense. Shane Vereen, James Jones, and Dwayne Harris. Not to mention the fact that they already had Odell Beckham, and Victor Cruz will be back this year (That’s right, the salsa is back). Typically Eli manning is a very up and down quarterback, we never know which Eli we’re going to get. But with all these weapons in his pocket there is no way that he can fail. The Giants have always made a late push in the season, but I expect them to start off a bit faster. Watch out, The G-men are here, again.

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