6 Underrated Comedians That Need To Be Heard.


Often times when we’re feeling at our lowest, the best medicine is to laugh. I feel everyone should live their life that way, it will make you appreciate where you’ve come, and you’ll find yourself laughing at situations that you would otherwise be stressed about. That’s why I make it a habit to look at stand up comedians. Not only are they extremely intelligent, but they’re able to take small stresses in life and make us laugh about them. They are also brutally honest when it comes to humans, and life itself to the point where some people may take offence to it. That’s completely fine because we just aren’t ready to accept that truth just yet. I’ve compiled a list of 5 stand up comedians that aren’t that well known but I believe everyone should listen to.

  • Ian Johnson

A very funny guy who just talks about life in general, whether it is his life or his observations of other lives. Not well known, as a matter of fact on pandora he doesn’t even have a picture. But he will give you a gut wrenching laugh.

  • Gary Gulman

He observes human behavior and is often in awe of the things that go on in this world, and man it is funny. Gary really is someone who accepts who he is, and will make fun of you for thinking differently of him. This 6’6″ man will have you in stitches.

  • Ali Siddiq

He’s definitely aggressive but the stories that he provides you with almost make you see it completely through his eyes. Just as he was opened up by his experiences, he makes you howl in laughter as he tells you what he really thinks.

  • Chad Daniels

This man is laid back and is shocked at how crazy people can be. When he actually regurgitates people’s behavior you’ll find yourself laughing because you know that you’ve been in that situation.

  • ┬áTom Segura

It’s almost as if he looks at the world and says “This is the craziest crap i’ve ever seen.” Whether that is people being an ass hole to him, or people being ass hole’s in general. The way that he actually tells you will have you dying in laughter.

  • Tommy Johnagin

This man takes his life and he completely makes you laugh out of control. His life is very similar to yours. Being a millennial and having to take the reigns now is definitely a tough task, but man it’s funny. Thank you Tommy Johnagin.


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