8 Hilarious Auto Correct Pranks.


Kids are hilarious, but when you throw in hilarious kids who understand technology and mix it with their parents who don’t understand technology it makes for some of the greatest laughs. Auto correct can be really annoying except when you use it on your parents. These things are actually way funnier than prank phone calls. Here are 8 of the funniest auto correct pranks.

  • This mom is cool as hell!


  • We have to figure out why she’s so obsessed!?


  • Apparently cleaning the room is priority number 1-10!


  • Well damn mom!?


  • Oh yea, this mom just wants her daughter to party!


  • Both mom and dad want the house to be lit!


  • Wow, welcome back to the 70s. Mom needs acid ASAP


  • An anal orgy huh? Mom you’re gonna have to keep that to yourself



Bottom line is that auto correct can be hilarious!

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– Little King


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