A Letter To The Black Friday Associates: Be Strong!


To all the retail associates,

I sit here thinking about you all as you get ready for a fierce battle. The animals that are better known as customers have been lining up and waiting for the time to strike. They’ve been stocking piling weapons known as coupons and sales ads in order to break you down but you cannot let them win.

A few of the experienced warriors of retail know what to expect.

They know what kind of monsters their up against and I believe they will be prepared. I’m most concerned about the ones just entering battle. I know you’ve heard stories of the black friday shoppers, you’ve probably even seen video, but until you see this monster up close and personal you have no clue how to handle this.

You will feel scared.

You will feel lost and hopeless.

And as you look over the empty aisles and feel the tranquility that you have before battle bask in the peace. You will look outside and see the lines backed up several acres and wonder why you put yourself in this situation but you’re stronger than you think.

Just know that black Friday is only the beginning. Things will not ease up during this season of giving.

But if all of you have each other’s back there will be no stopping you from achieving your goal! Yes, the customers will try to cuss you out! They will try to tear your limbs apart just for that one door buster item! But you can not let them win!!

You keep things in order! You are in charge! You point them to the right line!

If they get testy with you just know that YOU have the power! You are the warrior meant to keep things in order!

Although people will try to break your character, make you something that you’re not just stay calm. A frustrated warrior gets conquered the fastest.

You all are the best that the store has to offer! You will see some crazy things! You will see violence! Violence that you didn’t think was possible but it will happen!

You look out for the person next to you and you will make it through this trying time. You take no prisoners! You fight crazy with kindness and you make it through this black Friday!

Now go and crush it this year!!!!!

Tis’ All, I’m Out

  • Little King

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