A Promise Fulfilled To Cleveland!


After much hate, and much love (There is no grey area) Lebron James has done what no one thought was possible. He brought a championship back to Cleveland! Since He first entered the league Lebron has had a ridiculous amount of scrutiny put on him. He came through and set the league on fire with his greatness. Even that wasn’t enough.

Lebron stepped it up even more and actually got a Cavaliers team to the finals in 2007 (even though they got swept) with virtually no one on that team. People Lebron was so good that he made Mo Williams an all-star at one point and time.

2007 NBA finals

As he continued to crawl his way up to being the best player in the NBA, people would not let up on him. Lebron felt as though it was time for a change. So he leaves Cleveland in the dust and goes to Miami to go and play with his friends. What Lebron didn’t expect to do, was grow up there. He expected to get down there and have a great time. After all he was 25 and on top of the world. But the Heat organization would not put up with his childishness.


They forced Lebron to mature, they forced him to actually become a better basketball player. They forced him to be the best player on the court in the final seconds. After all, you can’t have all the accolades and none of the responsibility. Like all growth and maturity it hurt, and we watched Lebron go through a lot of ups and downs.

But it came down to game 6 of the finals with the heat when we saw all that work pay off. When Lebron’s headband came off and it was like Lebron’s 2K stats went up to 100. He was other wordly. We saw the heart of a champion, the heart of someone who was not going to go down without a fight.

Lebron James headband falls off


When normally in those situations Lebron would fold, and most of us would wonder whether he would fold hotdog way or hamburger way, he was incredible. The Heat trial was a success. And what we they got out of him was a mature basketball player who wanted more.


He began to value things a lot different. So now he returns to Cleveland to try to bring much pride to a city that frankly just needed it.

The Cavaliers were ready to start over and rebuild their team until Lebron stepped in. He took them from last place to title contenders. Once again we all wondered just how much Lebron can handle. And then the 2015 playoffs happened. Lebron lost two of his star players and he had to step it up once more. Once again we all waited for Lebron to choke and do what we were used to. Lebron is no longer the same person now.

He has grown, he’s now what we though he would be. In the 2015 playoffs, he picked the team up on his back like Atlas and carried them to game 6 of the finals. Even though they lost, we saw something different in him.

Fast forward to 2016. Lebron has his whole team back and he breezes through the eastern conference. Now he stares down a team that beat him in 2015 and they seemed to be better. They are a record setting historic team facing a Cleveland team who has nowhere near the star power and overall love that the Warriors have.


No one gave them a shot. I was one of the skeptics (even though I’m a huge Lebron fan). Going down 3-1 did not help. We all know, this is where King James will show up small and will revert back to what we know.

But like they say, when a pit bull has his back against the wall, he is going to fight his way out. The Cavaliers had to be legendary in order to get out of that hole. As each minute ticked down we watched as the Cavaliers got better… and better. Suddenly the warriors were facing a 3-3 series and going in for game 7! Lebron had to be a legend!

Everyone waiting on the edge of their seats to see if he would come out small and we all expected that. But like I said, Lebron is no longer the same kid that left for the heat, HE’S A MAN NOW! The way that not only Lebron played, but also Kyrie Irving.. I’m speechless.


They had to be legendary in order to make history, and they accomplished that. If there is any more hate that you have for Lebron, Kyrie, or anyone you need to just chalk it up to the fact that you agree with Skip Bayless on everything. This has been everything that we’ve wanted to see. To watch him bring this team back and win for them is amazing.

We need to all congratulate the Cleveland Cavaliers, who took a historic regular season team and made history themselves in the playoffs.

2016 NBA Champs Cleveland Cavaliers

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers and to the MVP Lebron James.

Beleiveland can celebrate.

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