A$AP Rocky- A.L.L.A Review


This year has had so many great, timeless albums that our musical pallet has truly been raised to a different standard. So any album that’s not up to the standards that we’re used to, we may shame it as being completely awful, as we should. But for every To Pimp A Butterfly, we couldn’t always use a Based on a T.R.U. story type of music in our lives.

I’m not saying that ASAP’s album is like that, but I just want to prepare you, it’s not going to be on the level of J.Cole, or Kendrick, or Big Sean, or Drake, but ASAP has never been that person. ASAP Rocky has always been a cool, chilled laid back dude who just talks about whatever is going on with him at the time. In his last album he was finally gaining popularity and he was enjoying that life to the fullest, there were all kinds of fun party songs. This album is different, and like so many other artists this year, he’s had tragedy strike him, and that’s made his music darker.

ASAP Rocky can ride the beat like no other, he has swag, he doesn’t have the best lyrical onslaught, but man he can flow. One thing you’ll catch yourself doing with ASAP’s new album is, on a chill day cranking it up, rolling your window down and nodding your head to some smoker type beats and some A+ flows, notice I didn’t say lyrics, I said flow. ASAP has always been the type of person that could switch it up though, and throw you some serious fun and head banging music, with those beats he cranks his flow up to another level. You’ll get the same on this album.

I can’t say that it’s the greatest album, but it gives me a break from the very thoughtful songs and albums that have come out. That’s not to say that ASAP isn’t being lyrical. ASAP has quite a few songs where he’s talking about some good deep subjects, especially the intro track. For the most part through, he’s pretty flocko, talking about ladies and the money that he’s earned himself, and he should, he worked hard so he should stunt a little bit, and I won’t be mad at that.

I will say the songs that stood out the most were: Holy Ghost, Excuse Me, Electric Body, M$, and Everyday. Those songs are absolutely incredible. I think that ASAP has put together a decent collection of songs. I’m not saying it’s the greatest, but I think it’s worth a listen and you should judge for yourself.

I’ll give his album a 7/10, it’s decent but not great.

-Little King


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