Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Even In Different Languages.


You know, when you work with a lot of different races of people you see interesting variances of life. While working with a variety of Latin men and women, most of them don’t speak great English. So in the U.S., where there are nothing but English speakers, it gets difficult to have conversation all the time. One day I saw a guy trying to talk to one of our Latin workers and he couldn’t really understand what he was saying. So the guy starts to make a gesture toward the worker and the worker completely understood. As I watched this taking place something entered my mind. The words meant nothing, but the action was recognized instantly.

There are A LOT of people who are strictly talkers. All they do is say what they’re capable of doing, or how much smarter they are, or ideas that would change the world but no one actually does anything. When trying to make yourself a success, words are completely useless! It’s all about action, it’s all about showing instead of telling. In every form of art that’s the case, they always tell you “Show, don’t tell.” Especially when writing, because in all forms of life, action is more important than words.

Talking is like rice cakes, you know that something is there but it’s empty and tasteless. Action is like a full course meal, you don’t have to wonder if this will fill you up because you see the results in your face.

Too many people focus too much on talking, mainly because we want people to think that we’re smart and worth more. I completely understand that. The right people are wise enough to know that words mean nothing, and you could end up blowing an opportunity by simply talking about how great you are, instead of actually being great.

The reason why people talk so much is because we don’t know what actions to put into effect to do what we say we can do. There is really an action that needs to take place, really this word can be both a noun and a verb, “Google it!” We live in the age of information, you must first take steps to make it go from a thought or an idea, to actually becoming an action, and then after that it’s about the hard work.

It’s funny how even something as little as rubbing your index finger with your thumb can be seen in languages across the world, and everyone knows what that action is. The universe tells you things very subtly, whether you realize it or not “Action’s speak louder than words.”

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