All Love Lost Album Review: Joe Budden Reflects On More Than Just His Mistakes.


A lot of people fall in and out of love with Joe Budden. There are some who say they are
“retired” Joe Budden fans and that’s completely fine. He’s not the same person that he used to be. Joe used to  try to give people bars but he honestly felt like he was losing himself. It wasn’t until Joe realized that he needed to give people his heart and not his bars that his rapping improved. He started with mood musik then it escalated. Now I’m hearing some of the most honest Joe Budden tracks lately and they are a breath of fresh air. The love lost series has been incredible and I will say that all love lost is a welcomed addition to the series.

All love lost is different from the other parts of the series. This album actually more of him reflecting. He reflects on his life, his relationships, social issues, and his own insecurities. Once again Joe gives you his heart. This album is like Joe Budden confessing to us that he’s finally grown up. He’s acted immature so much and now he’s finally ready to tell people who he is. He knows and understands that he’s been an ass hole to people whether that’s his mentor, or women he’s been in relationships with and it’s owning up to it.

Joe brings something new to the table with this album however. He brings social injustices amongst blacks into his lyrics. I actually really enjoy that. Usually Joe Budden’s albums can feel like he’s just venting about relationships and his demons but he’s finally decided to use his voice to talk about more than himself. It’s a new factor that I believe a lot of people will welcome.

Just like Joe Budden’s more notable music he decides to use a lot of guitars and powerful beats to help drive the emotion of his music. Joe Budden is the best at creating mood music. Music you just want put on so that you can reflect yourself sometimes.

If there was any wrong with his album I would say that sometimes it can feel as though he gets a little whiny with his songs about relationships. It feels like we’ve heard these songs before and I didn’t care to hear them again. They can definitely be skipped.

Overall I have to say that Joe Budden’s album is a different pace from the rest of the love lost series. He’s growing up and owning up to his mistakes and he wants everyone to know that he’s aware of who he is now.

I’m going to give this album an 8.1/10

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