An Awkwardly Funny Break-room Mishap.


As race relations in America continue to be tense, I’ve found that people just find it hard to laugh now a days. Well i’ve got a story that will hopefully put a smile on some people’s faces.

– So i’m in the break room at work just chilling and eating, hoping no one will talk to me.

– I work in this very interesting town where racism was once very prominent.

– A lot of the people I work with are either from Latin America, or they are straight country white people. I’m pretty much kicking it alone as the only young black person there.

– They often engage in some type of dialogue on the social status of america. But when I come along they get quiet.

– So we’re on break and usually I have my headphones on, to avoid hearing the stupid.

– This time I didn’t (lol, it was crazy worth it.)

– A white guy at my job (cool as he wants to be) comes in and starts a conversation with the two Hispanic men, fun.

– Then out of no where he just starts showing off his tattoo’s.

– I keep glancing over there because that’s a very random and weird thing to do.

– Then the white guy lifts his sleeve all the way up and BOOM!

– We all were silently staring at this thing.

– He had a big ass tattoo of the confederate flag on his arm… Colored and all!

– Yo, the room was COMPLETELY silent!

– Jesus himself couldn’t save that awkwardness.

– One of the hispanic dudes was just staring at his arm.

– Dude can barely speak ANGLISH

– He points to him and says “You racist?”

– Oh shoot!

– Another moment of this great awkward silence has engrossed the break room!

– I’m trying with all my MITE! To hold this laugh in, but it was hard.

– Dude walked out the break room so quick, and angry.


Moral of the story: You never know who’s watching.

I’m sure not everyone will find that funny. But if you open yourself up I guarantee you that you will see the sincere comedy in it.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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