An Interesting Fact For All You Football Fans.


Sports and stats, sports and stats that is the one thing we seem to care about the most in america. Most time we pull up stats that really don’t matter and are never interesting. After talking with a fellow contributor of this site the other day he asked me a question that I’ve truly never thought of. Him and I have both loved and played sports together so sometimes we have in depth conversations. He said “You know how their’s the AFC and NFC and then the divisions are broken down into 4 teams. Is there a division where all 4 teams in the division have won a super bowl?” That question should make your brain start working. That is a stat to “Ooooo” and “Ahhh” about.

Upon further investigation I realized that there is not one division in all of football that all four teams have won a Superbowl. The closest has been the AFC east. The patriots have one a super bowl, so have the Jets, and the Dolphins. Buffalo has come close, they went 4 years in a row but lost all four times. With the Panthers pounding there way to the super bowl this year, I fully expect them to win in convincing fashion against the broncos and be another team with a title.

When Cam Newton and that great Panthers defense guides them to a win, everyone in that division will have a championship except the falcons. So here’s something to ponder, which division do you believe will be the first to have all 4 teams win a championship?

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