An Ode to the Greatest Movie Ever Might Morphin Power Rangers!



Man the first Power Rangers movie is still one of my favorite movies. This could solely be because I grew up watching the rangers fight their way through those metal puddies (At least that’s what it sounded like when they hit them).

But when that first movie came out I almost lost my mind with how great it was. Granted I was only a kid and my movie pallet was as diverse and sophisticated as the movie with Shaq, Kazamm I think it was called (it started raining candy, I was all for that). That is beside the point, the kind of joy that the first Power Rangers bestowed to my tiny, and innocent heart was amazing.

I wanted to be the white ranger, I had the talking sword with the tiger head and the whole outfit. Dr. Ooze was a great villain, and Rita and lord zed only added to it.

To this day I want to go skydiving solely because of the Power Rangers movie. Even when the black ranger got his spirit animal, or whatever it was supposed to be, and he became the frog, I LOVED THAT!

Even in the beginning when they were going to the caves and they had their ninja costumes before they morphed, YO! I wanted a costume just like them, how could you not love that movie? When I’m on my death bed and I have three movies to watch before I die it will be Independence Day, Cool Running’s, and POWER RANGERS!

ninja rangers

I’ve seen the new Power Rangers movie poster, I was both excited and a tad hesitant. The new movie has a high bar to chase, and going dark won’t make me like it more. Just make sure that you show up right with this movie and I’ll be happy, just as happy as the first movie made me!



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