Anderson .Paak Malibu Review: A Smooth Ride Through An Artist’s Mind.


It seems as though with everything becoming so fake now a days we’ve become absentminded to what’s real. Fake bodies, fake food, fake people, fake lives, and even fake movies and music. So when something real comes we tend to shove it to the side because it’s no longer the norm. We should thank Dr. Dre for introducing us to a real artist. Someone who understands the meaning of live instruments and real lyrics. Anderson .paak is a unique blend of old school smoothness and millennial flare. His first album “Venice” was an introduction into the world of .paak. The songs showed us his genius but it felt inconsistent and unfocused. AP has settled down and searched deep within himself since then. What came out of that was “Malibu” A deeply personal, introspective, and magical talent that Anderson .paak has.

He starts the album out by talking about his passion and some of the struggles he had to go through growing up. Right away you can tell that this is an album that you’re going to be nodding your head to all night. This album was meant to be listened to as the sun is setting and you’re calm.

Lyrically his album feels so much like a mixture of Kendrick Lamar and John Legend. Meaning that he tends to speak on one subject that can apply to so many walks of life like Kendrick. When Anderson .paak displays his love songs he reminds me of John Legend. It’s not always about how perfect he girl is and how he wants her. AP’s songs show the range of emotion that an artist would go through after ascending to a large social status. The way that his voice carries the lyrics over the smooth production is a reawakening to what tradition R&B is supposed to feel like.

Anderson .paak has a very unique voice. It’s raspy and energetic at the same time. I wouldn’t say he has range beyond all measure, but he has a little range. Where .paak really does shine is through his runs. He can carry a note across the myriad of different beats like the best of them.

Anderson .paak’s album feels like it moves a lot faster than the 16 songs would suggest. Each songs flows with each other quite beautifully. He switches between traditional R&B songs and introspective songs so smoothly that you just find yourself nodding until you realize that you’re almost done with the album.

This album is Anderson .paak’s introduction to the world and he bangs down the door. From his band providing beautiful production, to AP’s unique voice and lyrics. He shows that he is really going to be someone to recon with. Expect to hear Anderson .paak on a lot of songs this upcoming year. Malibu is a wonderful album that traditional music listerners of all ages will truly love.

I’m giving this album a 9.0/10

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