Andra Day- Cheers To The Fall Review: Cheers To New Beginnings!


With auto-tune and party songs taking over today’s R&B singers it’s hard to tell who’s truly talented and who has been assisted by computer-tuning. There is nothing like a sheer powerful voice, you can feel it in your bones. It’s the same feeling you get when you hear Adele or Jennifer Hudson sing. Those type voice are very rare indeed. I started to feel as though I would never get the true old school feel of singers ever again, and then I heard Cheers to the fall. Andra Day’s first major album is a breath of fresh air. Her name is one that people should be on the look out for very soon. Not only does this album showcase her magnificent voice, but it also shows her mesmerizing lyrics.

Right away when you hear the first song you will know that this woman is not to be played with. Her musical talents stretch far beyond that of soul, she can be pop, and she can even sit on a chair and sing a ballad as well. She approaches each and every song with a level of emotion that can only be rivaled by Adele. Andra Day can also slow it down and have you swaying back in forth to smooth tunes. She is truly a once in a lifetime talent.

The album is made for the everyday lover. Her lyricism is truly creative. You can tell that Andra Day is inspired a lot by old school artists such as Billie Holiday and Stevie Wonder. One person that you will notice right away she sounds like is Amy Winehouse. There are some songs where you will think it’s Amy reincarnated. The one great thing about this album is that when Andra Day decides to really stretch the range of her voice it doesn’t feel forced. It feels as natural as she is beautiful. She has true, unrelenting powerful vocals.

Andra Day will grow as an artist, believe that. She has a few hiccups on this album. Sometimes it doesn’t feel very focused as far as the content goes. You can tell that she really just wanted to introduce you to her voice at first. Even though the album feels unfocused that does not mean that you won’t enjoy it. You will truly be mesmerized by Andra Day. She is a true artist in every sense of the word and cares deeply about music and you can tell it on this album.

Overall you should expect a wide range of songs on this album. Expect for Andra Day’s voice to completely blow you away. This album will make jazz fans smile until their jaws hurt. You will find people singing covers of her songs, and even singing them at their own shows trying to keep up with her. This album is an introduction to Ms. Day and we should all be very excited.

I’m giving this album an 8.7/10

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