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Ok, now that we’ve got that out the way I feel as though people still don’t comprehend what that means. Well, I’ll tell you. Marvel comics really does a great job satisfying fans need for hilarious, and fun superheroes. Then, they all team up for some great action when they actually need to. Do no knock them for that, I love that myself. DC Comics is not that way. DC’s superheroes are three dimensional. They have DEPTH! The characters are a lot more serious because of the very deep rooted internal conflicts they face from their past and present. So when watching a DC movie you need to expect it to be a more thought provoking film. When something is thought provoking, it won’t have all of the fun action in it. What they’re trying to do is make you ask yourself “What would I do?” Batman Vs. Superman makes you ask yourself that question ALL through the movie and because of that it was great.

Christopher Nolan’s dark knight trilogy should have set the stage for us when it comes to DC Comic movies. Sadly we’ve been overloaded with marvel movies that we don’t appreciate a story, with characters. Batman Vs. Superman is not the Avengers by any means. This movie is more about how we would deal with an alien. Superman’s presence is looked at from two extremes. He’s either a threat, or he’s the savior. This movie however makes you question the PERCEPTION of what the right thing is. Everyone’s cause is just, but that doesn’t make it right. This movie also shows you the lengths that someone will go to just to prove that they’re right.

You shouldn’t go into this movie expecting a lot of action. First of all, it’s because there are a lot of reintroductions that have to be done. We have to reintroduce Batman, we have to introduce Wonder Woman, and we have to introduce Lex Luthor. Doing all of the introductions while simultaneously trying to show their motives, and build towards a larger Justice League movie is something that takes time.

The visuals were excellent, though they did seem a bit much at times. Still, seeing this new Batman, and seeing Wonder Woman for the first time (as well as some others that I won’t tell you about) was very rewarding.

You should expect the action of this movie to be about as much as The Dark Knight. Whether we remember or not, The Dark Knight was not all over the place with the action. It built a moment, and then it hit you with something fun. Batman Vs. Superman does the same thing. It’s taking its time to build a moment and not just throw random fight scenes in there just for the sake of having them. The moments that are built are so intense and deep that it really does make you wonder what you would do in these situations.

We all know that Henry Cavill was the perfect Superman, but we were not sold on Ben Affleck as the dark knight. I’ve got to say, Ben Affleck thoroughly surprised me in this movie. He’s not the same guy who played daredevil. After all, how could he be when he’s done movies like Argo and The Town? Affleck’s Batman was very dark, and very conflicted. His motivation for revenge was much deeper than the Nolan directed Batman movies. He mourned his family a lot more than Christian Bale’s Batman did, so that was cool to see that difference. Jesse Eisenberg was hit and miss as Lex Luthor. It’s not as though he doesn’t do a great job of acting, it was just hard to take him serious because he was still the same little guy from the social network essentially. Maybe if he would’ve added a little bit of muscle it would’ve been more sinisterly. Don’t take that to mean he didn’t do a great job however. It’s just that he didn’t LOOK very scary.

If there’s any anger in your heart for this movie just blame the trailers. A lot of the “OH MY GOD.” Spoilers were done in the trailers. So the theater remained quiet during those moments. The moments would’ve been a lot bigger had they just let us discover them during the movie. I myself wasn’t jumping for joy, and I knew I should’ve been.

Overall, when you go into this movie don’t expect something straight out of Marvel. Expect characters with some serious internal conflicts. The action will not be as frequent, but it is much more satisfying. Instead of seeing what cool things they’re going to do, you’ll be more enticed of seeing if they will achieve the goal they’ve tried so hard to achieve. I must say, do not listen to critics at all with this movie. This movie is worth every penny once you take yourself out of Marvel mode, and actually put yourself in DC mode. This movie has story, it has characters, and it has action. That is what’s most important.


I’m going to give this movie a 8.4/10

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