Beyonce: Using Her Voice To Usher In A New Era!


Since she was in Destiny’s Child, Beyonce has been all over our televisions. A country girl from Texas who loves who she is. We’ve all been blown away with how much fun Beyonce has been, and how her songs inspired a generation of women (even some guys, but mostly women.). She’s been met with criticism of being just as sexed up as all the other women artists. You’ve heard it “She’s always shaking that butt and wearing these short clothes, it’s classless.” Whenever that’s heard the beyhive comes from mining the honeycomb to attack whoever is trying to destroy the queen. Subtly over the years Beyonce has been creeping her political agenda into her music and her music videos and we didn’t notice it because it was met with a catchy and beautiful ballad. All the while she has been gaining influence from all over the world now she’s gotten to a point where she’s unstoppable. And what we’re getting now is who Beyonce really is. Formation was the reintroduction to Mrs. Carter. And the reviews appear to be mixed, but honestly the thoughts of this video should be more “love it or hate it” type reviews.

Beyonce is starting to ditch the catchy tunes and starting to show you what she is, and what she likes. Formation was not the best song from Beyonce, but it may be one of her most influential. She’s becoming a more blatant visual artist. Beyonce made trap music and mixed it in with a politically charged, blacklivesmatter video. That type of artistic change is only for black people. If you just listen to the song you will wonder what kind of crap Beyonce was on, but if you watch the video, the pride and victory that she’s displaying will make you love the song even more. Just like with 7/11, the song by itself wasn’t great, but once you watched the video your opinion of the song changed. Lately she has truly been truly been flexing her muscle to make you appreciate her as an artist and a black American.

Beyonce has now got her grasp on all of the world. Whenever she drops a song or any kind of video the world is paying attention now. What happens now is she starts to drop the pain and suffering of blacks all over and makes you pay attention to it. If you notice, Beyonce has been dropping off new songs with an actual video, not just the song itself, because she knows that people won’t feel just the song. She’s starting to flip the script and burn these images into your head and you’ll pay attention because you love her.

That’s why formation is met with such black and white reactions. Most people were introduced to this song at the super bowl. Those of us who saw the video really understood its meaning and felt incredible.

With all of the activism going on now a days and with the blacklivesmatter movement really taking over, Beyonce decided to drop a video that showed what we’ve been through, how we’re not going back, and how the Black2K is now about to happen.

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