Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Review: An Ode To Imperfection’s, And A Toast To Healing


Beyoncé has been steadily changing the game for years. She really changed things up when she released her self-titled album that no one expected. Ever since then we’ve realized just how much influence the queen bee has. In 2016 she dropped the song “formation” that had a dope visual. That was then followed up by an epic super bowl performance, AND THEN an announcement for her tour! Sheesh Bey! We anxiously waited for the album for months! Then Beyoncé dropped a visual for something called “Lemonade.” Little did we know that Beyoncé was once again going to blow our minds by dropping the album right under our noses as we were once again watching her be great. I’ve got to say, Beyoncé’s album is incredible. We’ve all had this misconception that Beyoncé is perfect, and whenever she isn’t perfect we tend to criticize her. This album really shows Beyoncé take control of her imperfections, her insecurities, and her own personal issues and lay them out for us.

Beyoncé has been steadily shaping herself from being an angel, to an imperfect human like the rest of us. This album put’s all of that on display. Beyoncé is no longer scared to call herself the queen, but like all queens they are still human and deal with human emotions.

Beyoncé is really tapping into what made her who she is. She is delving deep into her past and making beautiful music. What this album is showing is a true artist. We all know that true art is painted in pain, and she has been in pain for so long and she is no longer afraid to show it.

Beyoncé doesn’t have a particular genre that she’s sticking to in this album. She decided that she is going to stick with the black genre. Which is basically every popular music genre there is today. Beyoncé took control over all of the genres on this album. Beyoncé mixes it up from trap music, to country, to dark Goth tunes. She truly is letting her artistic side fly.

This is probably one of the more lyrical album’s you will hear from Mrs. Carter. Beyoncé uses her pain as a pencil and writes up beautiful lyrics that everyone can relate to. It’s honest, it’s raw, and it’s different from her old albums. Beyoncé is free from feeling as though she has to be perfect and she puts that on display on this album. She is finally free and you can tell that with every second that passes on this album.

The production is A-1. I mean what else would you expect, this is the number one artist in the world. She switches it up from synthesized beats, to live instruments.

Beyoncé still doesn’t fully put her full vocal talent on display on this album. Though she does have one ballad that reminds me A LOT of her song “Listen” from the dream girl’s soundtrack.

Overall Lemonade is an ode to imperfection, and a toast to healing. We have all been through something and Beyoncé is no different than the rest of us. For the first time, her album reflects things that people go through every day, and not just perfect, Utopian happiness. Lemonade has black power, feminist power, black woman power, and sheer artistic beauty and we should all enjoy it.

I’m giving this album a 9.5/10

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