Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight Review: Travis Scott Is Back On Top.


With all that is going on in the world, there is one thing that remains a constant necessity for people, and that’s music. We can get wrapped up in the constant stories of injustice and overall evil in the world, but any real artist will tell you that art imitates life, and some of that turmoil makes its way to our music. Telling the truth in your songs is something that we need, but it’s like Andre 3000 said “sometimes we just need music to be fun.” That concept gets lost on the world now a days because fun seems to be dwindling away. Travis Scott’s new album brings the fun back to music this year.

Travis Scott has always had a party type attitude ever since he entered the music industry. He’s always displayed a high level of honesty in his music, and is not afraid to tell us how his rock and roll lifestyle affects him. Whether that be his mind, his relationships, or just his overall view on the world. Birds in the trap sing McKnight does not shy away from that at all.

The album is star studded with guests, every beat is produced in a dark tone, this formula made for a very fun album for Travis Scott. You can genuinely tell that he’s enjoying himself while recording. Even while having fun he does not ignore the struggles that he has personally and makes sure to express that on this album.

Lyrically you will not hear Travis Scott turn your mind upside down, but you will hear that from some of the guest features. Where Travis makes you really take off your cool and have a good time is the way that his voice blends in with the dark synth beats and the way that he rides the beat. It’s so much energy, yet very chill. A very unique blend that you can literally play in your car backwards and forwards.

Everyone who is featured on this album had fun. You can tell just form the subject matter that they chose to rap about, and just there overall tone when rapping. Travis brings out the party animal in us and makes us want to just nod your head, dance, and do whatever that you like to enjoy the party.

Overall you should not expect to hear a lyrical feast from this album. You should expect fun songs with some personal flair to them that relates to everyone. It’s unlimited flame emoji’s if you go into this album with an open mind and a clear head.

I’m giving this album an 8.5/10

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– Little King


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