‘Black Jeopardy’ Is A Powerful Statement From Saturday Night Live!


From the moment I saw the words “Black Jeopardy” On SNL my first thoughts were “Man…. Come on.” I was ready to be offended, and I was ready to fuss. I was ready to give a side eye to the black actors who didn’t stand up for such an offensive sketch, and be upset that they actually decided to play stereotypical characters. I was ready to be angry! Then I watched Black Jeopardy…

One thing that we as a people (Not just black) need to realize is that the war is not on a specific race. It’s on the poor and ignorant. No matter what your education is, you can be ignorant. We as human beings have so much in common with each other if we just take the time to listen and try to understand. We are a people of pattern, and familiarity and that is not limited to just our skin color. Our experiences come more from our environment than the color of our skin.

Black Jeopardy showed me that we all have so much in common if we just quit being angry and start being understanding. When someone hears “Black Lives Matter.” They think it automatically cancels out every other culture and race of people. No! It’s meant to tell you that we are just the same as you, so why are we constantly treated so different? 

What’s happening is all of our insecurities are being played on and used against us. We are beginning to hate someone for something that they have never done. Instead of being peaceful about it, we have decided to play right into the hands of the powerful and turn against each other, rather than standing with each other. They know that together we’re strong and we can do some serious damage to the reality of how this world operates. 

Seeing Black Jeopardy let me know that we are not that different, we are one in the same, a similar soul with a different body. We must learn to embrace that, else we will never live in peace. Thank you SNL, you made a powerful statement. 

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– Little King.



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