5 Realest Moments From The Black Panther Animated Series



The Black Panther is the greatest marvel hero that people have never heard, until Captain America: Civil War of course. Any real comic book nerd would know that the Black Panther plays a very important role in the avengers. His country of Wakanda rests on top of a very rare metal known as Vibranium. A metal that is crucial to Captain America’s shield (that’s right the leader of the Avengers needs The Black Panther). Still, as important as he is, no one knows much about him. Sadly, that also means that no one knows that there was a Black Panther animated series that came out back in 2010! It was short, just six episodes, but it really packed a punch.

From what I read, the new Black Panther movie is going to follow closely with the animated series. So for those of you who have not seen this unapologetically black, Black Panther series, then you should definitely watch!

While watching the series you will see how this movie can follow directly after civil war. The director should have an easy time easing the Wakanda into the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of this show. The way that Ryan Coogler took Creed and helped revamp the Rocky series you can expect nothing but greatness from this movie. Especially with the cast that they have lined up. From Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, all the way to Alfre Woodard (who by the way was in the black panther animated series.)

BET produced a hidden gem, and they should receive a lot more credit than they have for this flawless Black Panther series. The show is definitely worth a look, especially if you want to get a sneak peek into the new movie and also see some powerful black’s on TV, who take no mess.

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