Book Review: The Maze Runner


I know this review may seem a tad late considering the movie has already come out, but I still feel as though I need to do it.

This book starts off with a mysterious entrance that had me engrossed from the start. James Dashner does a great job of creating this new world. As I was reading I was truly as lost and confused as Thomas was. But just like Thomas, I felt as though I couldn’t leave once I started this book. Every chapter that you flip through you can just feel the nerves around this entire maze. Every kid that occupied it was scared but they knew that they had to focus on their duties just so that they could survive.

The pacing of the Maze Runner is incredible. It feels as though it starts off a little slow, it really doesn’t. It only feels as though it starts off so slow because of how fast the pace is once things begin to pick up. Though Some of the characters seem like they can be the same in some ways, they still all have a very unique responsibility to the main character Thomas. Thomas can only remember his name once he enters the maze and nothing else, the one thing that he knows, is that he wants to get out quickly. He goes against the grain of the entire community of Gladers (That’s what they call the boys in the maze). He is not often liked, but he is quickly respected.

This book doesn’t provide you with a very solid lesson, but that does not mean that it’s not an incredible book. I compare it more to watching the Transformers. You know what you’re going to get when you watch the movie, a lot of destroying, fun, and robots. You will not get a great story with true depth. With this book you will get the same feeling, maybe you didn’t come out of it thinking different about life, but you will read the book and feel like you just rode a roller coaster and you will definitely want more.

The obstacles in the story are very graphic and amazing. For a young adults book, James was not afraid to go there. When reading you will get a true sense of uncomfortable fear once the enemies make their way into the story. As the book moves on, you don’t particularly begin to find out more about Thomas’s past, instead James focuses more on them getting out of the maze. As Thomas makes new discoveries of how to get out of the maze, he may have a flash of a memory from his past that will contribute to getting out. Actually this approach works great, I believe that if we were to get flashbacks it would slow the book down, and that is not what I would want with The Maze Runner. I want this book keep the adrenaline pumping as I keep reading.¬†Each Chapter is a cliff hanger, so don’t expect to put the book down anytime soon.

I’m glad that I began to read these once all the books came out because I can read the whole series back to back. The Maze Runner leaves quite a large cliff hanger at the end of the book.

Overall when reading this book, don’t expect it to give you a new out look on life like The Giver does. Expect this book to be a fun, adventurous, nonstop thrill ride. Each chapter leaves your heart pounding, each interaction with each kid is different. And each situation that Thomas finds himself in is met with creative and entertaining solutions.

I’m giving this book a 9.0/10

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King.


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