Bruno Mars 24K Magic Review: A Funktastic Journey Through Musical Eras.


WHAT A TRIUMPHANT RETURN! Ever since Bruno Mars slid his way into the music industry and set all of our speakers on fire with his first album Doo-Wops & Holligan’s, we’ve been craving for more Bruno. He always sets the stage on fire with his world class performances. We all saw him in his shiny gold suit doing the best James Brown we’ve ever seen since… Well, James Brown! With every single that dropped we knew we had a star. Then Bruno released his second album Unorthdox Jukebox. It was another hit he had, and although the numbers were great, there was something about this album that sounded very similar to the first. We all knew Bruno’s potential but he still hadn’t reached it yet. Then Uptown Funk dropped, AND THERE IT WAS! The sound that Bruno Mars was born to take on. Old school funk, 80s R&B, and even 90s R&B was what Bruno Mars was here to deliver. Uptown Funk was his biggest single to date, and for good reason, he discovered who he was musically. Thank Mark Ronson for that. Capitalizing off of his new found sound Bruno Mars dropped his single 24K Magic and once again set the world on fire. Now his album is here, and 24K Magic the album does not disappoint in the least bit.

Bruno Mars has always been a unique talent. He’s always had a swag about him that rivals some of the best entertainers of our time. From Michael Jackson, to James Brown, and even Luther Vandross. Bruno channels all of those singers into one album.

The album starts off with a bang when it opens with 24K Magic. Then Bruno really flexes his R&B muscle on this album as he takes us on a journey through different eras of singers. The James Brown vibe is felt all through the speakers as you listen to “Perm.” You can hear a little of New Edition or Bell Biv DeVoe on his banger “Finesse.” He even has a few ballads reminiscent of Joe when he sings “Too Good To Say Goodbye.” All of these songs fit masterfully into this album.

Bruno has always had an incredible voice and he displays it beautifully on this album. Not only on ballads but also on his fun songs. The high’s and low’s that he reaches are truly jaw dropping, and you’ll be trying to sing them in your car, and even in your shower.

There is not one song that feels as though it doesn’t belong. They all feel well thought out, and important to shaping this journey through musical eras. There is something for everyone on this album. Whether you want to dance at a cookout, get right with your friends as you’re getting ready to go out, or even slow it down and make love with that special person, Bruno makes a song for everyone on this album. From the old school to the new school!

My ONLY gripe with this album is that it’s too short! I understand making sure that each song belongs with the album, but we couldn’t at least get a double digit tracklist?! With the album only being 9 songs, I felt just a tad let down considering it took 4 years to actually drop the album, but I digress.

Overall you should expect this album to truly impact each and every person who listens to it. If you are truly a fan of music, than Bruno Mars new album is for you. Everyday you’ll have a new favorite song until you wear the album out and have to put it away for a week or two and then burst it back out. Although it was short, it’s still almost perfect in quality so you’ll be able to get over that. Honestly some people prefer a concise album over a long album with a lot of filler songs. I’m definitely one of those people. This album is one of the best to come out this year.

I’m going to give this album a 9.4/10

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