Can We Please Give The Game The Respect He Deserves In Rap?


You know when it comes to rap since 2005 there have been quite a few artists that have been named as being the most influential. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z (Of Course), and Eminem even though their careers started before 2005 for the most part. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when you’re not constantly trying to stay in the limelight and I think that’s what has happened to this artist. Every album that this artist has put out has been amazing as far as quality. He tells his story of growing up where he did, and preaches unity. His music reflects what his words are, and his actions tell it even more when he gives away money, and speaks, and tries to talk to gangs in LA. He unites the east and the west coast of hip hop on all of his album’s and is still very much slept on. I think it’s time that someone give The Game the respect he deserves finally.

With the Documentary 2 and Documentary 2.5 releasing within a week of each other I’ve got to say that this album is once again a testament to The Games legacy in hip hop. His hard work, and the quality that goes into each and every one of his albums is impeccable. It’s hard to name an artist who has released an album within a week of each other without it feeling like it’s just a filler to get more money off the hype.

This quality of work should surprise no one. The Compton lyricist has proven himself time and time again by addressing his short comings, his come to Jesus moment, and even his struggle with being in a corrupt business. Through all of that the Game has NEVER missed on an album. Each album has been fire.

But why aren’t we giving the game the respect that he deserves? Is it because he doesn’t always cause drama? Is it because he really is a peace keeper and we don’t want to see that anymore? Or is it because he’s not trying to be a mogul like Jay Z, Diddy, and Dr. Dre? If you answered yea to all of that than you should reconsider what you think impact is.

Being able to release album after album for a decade and each one seems to be a unique experience that his heralded amongst peers is an accomplishment worth noting. We live in an age where artist lose who they are once they get the money and the fame and the music begins to reflect that. That’s why we can say we miss the old so and so. How many times have we said that about The Game? We haven’t because even though the Game has matured he’s still stayed who he is.

I urge everyone to think about who you consider to be your most influential and important rappers in the business today. I think you will find that when it comes to quality The Game is a top MC in right now.

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