CeeLo Heart Blanche Album Review: Take Some Pop And Add Soul.


CeeLo has been really making his way into a different market as of late. He’s no longer the goodie mob cee-lo, he’s a singing man with an old school spirit. CeeLo really established himself in the pop market with his last album and since then he’s been exercising his vocals. I’ve got to say that heart blanche really does blend pop and soul together for an album that is fun, introspective, personal, and very enjoyable.

CeeLo brings an amazing energy to each and every one of his songs in this album. When he wants you to feel pain and hurt he exercises that through his strong powerful voice. When CeeLo wants you to dance it’s like he takes you back to the 70s, and 80s when dance music would make you do anything but sit down. When it’s time for you to just sit back and nod your head to some smooth tunes CeeLo’s calmed down vocals and makes you want to just cruise along while the sun is starting to set.

Honestly when listening to this album don’t expect perfection. You shouldn’t expect a great story and amazing theme, you should expect to hear a myriad of great songs. To be completely honest I don’t exactly know what heart blanche is supposed to mean for me to say that the theme is off. What I did love about this album is that there is a song for every mood you are going to be in. CeeLo brings back the old school feel to music just like he did with lady killer. Honestly that’s going to be lost on today’s music listeners because there isn’t loud ever changing beats that he’s singing over. Even though I would say this album can feel more pop at times, but it’s more like soul pop.

Honestly there may be some songs that you’ll want to skip but just know you’ll only want to skip them because you’re not in the mood for them. So I’ll tell you, if you’re in the mood for some fun pump me up songs you need to listen to tonight, est. 1980s, and working class heroes (work). If you’re in the mood for something introspective you should listen to mother may I, Robin Williams, race against time, sign of the times, and music to my soul. If you want something personal you need to listen to CeeLo sings the blues, better late than never, smells like fire, purple hearts, and thorns. That should help you navigate through this unique album.

Overall when you listen to this album you should expect a good variety of amazing production, lyrics, and vocals on this album. CeeLo still has got the power of music in his hands and you can feel it in this album.

I’m going to give this album an 8.4/10

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