Civil War Movie Review: One Of The Best Marvel Movies To Date


It’s impossible to start this review off as exhilarating as civil war started, but I’m going to try. Do you know that feeling you get when the national anthem is playing during the super bowl? When the players have their eyes closed and a tear is gliding down their face and all we know is that something epic is going to happen. Then by the end of the national anthem we are prepped and ready to do anything, anywhere! The adrenaline is hiked up to Jason Statham levels and we’re about to explode! That is exactly how you will feel when you’re watching Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel has figured out the formula and they are staying true to it. Captain America was truly something to experience. Not only did we get introductions to some major characters, but we also got to climb more into the heads of each hero and see how the first avenger’s movie truly affected them.

This movie felt more like an avenger’s movie (minus thor and hulk) than anything else. We got to see everyone that we all know and love. Usually with large casts like this, movies tend to fail because they’re trying to fit too much into 2 hours. So in the end it just feels like too many story lines to keep up with and we don’t know where to focus. Civil War does not do that at all! The way that each character is connected to the winter soldier, cap, and iron man can be followed easily.

The reason why these two decide to fight is something so simple, yet so big. They bring all the movies together in quite an epic way. We deal with past issues from old movies like we’ve never dealt with before. Because of this things feel familiar, yet new. It’s really quite genius.

The action scenes in the movie are amazing. A lot of hand to hand combat, which has been missing these days. The fight scenes were mesmerizing, lengthy, beautiful and fun. Seeing Black Panther fight the winter soldier is probably the best thing that you will see throughout the entire movie. The next best will be spider man fighting as well, and man it delivers!

The acting in this movie was once again great. When it was time to be emotional the actors touched your heart. When it was time to be funny they had will have you cracking up. That should really come as no surprise, they really are an all-star cast.

I will be honest, at this point Black Widow and Hawkeye just seem to be in the way. The marvel universe has grown so much that they feel more like pretty props to keep you engrossed, and not important figures to the team, at least when it comes to fighting.

The graphics were beautiful of course, but it’s really going to be just how real the set pieces are that keep you engaged. You can tell that a lot of the set was real people, real buildings, and real fighting, so it touches you just like star wars did. The team really took their time to deliver an amazing film to us.

Overall expect one of the best marvel movies to date. If you thought that winter soldier was the best movie, than this movie tops it in my opinion. Expect to have great action, great actors, and most of all a great story. The experience will leave you wanting more, and you will want to go back for seconds.

I’m giving this movie a 9.4/10

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