Congratulations Quincy and Samone Davis!


It’s only once in a blue moon that you truly can see forever to two people’s eyes, but on May 9th 2015 I got to witness it. To say that these two were meant to be together would be an understatement.


When trying to think of a way to describe them, the only thing I can think of is, all of Quincy’s weaknesses are Samone’s strength’s, and all of Samone’s weaknesses are Quincy’s strength’s. Once these two are joined together you feel as though you are looking at the same person. Samone Davis is the female version of Quincy Davis, and Quincy is the male version of Samone.

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To see these two unite and become one is the best thing on earth. Individually these two are amazing, but together they’re an unstoppable force. Even when it was getting down to the wedding having to start they still remained calm, cool, and collective together. They both only had each other’s best interest at heart even as hurricane Anna got jealous of these two and literally tried to rain on their parade.


People were feeling bad for Samone, but Quincy said one thing to calm the people “We can’t do anything about the weather, so ya’ll need to perk up because if Samone sees you sad she’ll be sad. We need to smile and have a good time and keep her spirits lifted. The ceremony is nice, but it’s not the reason we’re all here.”


It’s as if hurricane Anna heard Quincy and began to feel bad, because suddenly the storm started to calm. But even with the storm hovering over everyone Samone wasn’t afraid at all, and everyone got the message from her that we are having the ceremony outside. In my mind I pictured what she said and I couldn’t help but laugh, I could hear Samone saying “I’ve got to walk through the mud and rain in a white dress, than everyone will be fine sitting down with their umbrellas.” But when Samone didn’t let the rain stop her, Hurricane Anna backed off and the sun shined bright on the happy couple throughout the whole ceremony.


The two most supportive, and loving people I’ve got the honor of calling my friends are now one. These two will be an example for everyone that “No matter what the storm tries to tear apart, Just know that if I’ve got you, we can make it through anything!”

Congratulation to Quincy and Jacquelyn Samone David on May 9th 2015 an amazing union took place.


– Little King.


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