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From the moment that I read that Ryan Coogler would be teaming up with Michael B. Jordan again I knew that whatever movie they did would be magic. When I heard that it was for a Rocky spinoff I got exponentially more excited! I decided to watch interviews as to why he decided to do this movie and Coogler said in the interview how he would sit down with his father and watch the Rocky movies. Coogler’s father always said that Rocky teaches you so much about just stepping out there and putting your best foot forward no matter what the odds are against you and the Rocky movies are dear to his heart. That’s the reason why I knew that Creed would be taken care of and shown the care and respect care that a Rocky spinoff should get. I’ve got to say that this movie completely blew me away and I believe that we have a spinoff series that we can look forward to for years!

The story of Creed’s son is such an interesting one. He was in foster care, and he was just trying to make a name for himself because he never knew his father and yet he was always living in his shadow. Whether it was the fact that other fighters knew him as Apollo Creed’s son and they compared everything to his father, or the fact that Adonnis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) knew he was his father’s son and didn’t want to be that because of the anger he had for Apollo not being there for him. You learn quickly that even though you come from privilege that does not mean that you can’t be the underdog.

When Adonnis finally meets Apollo’s friend Rocky you can see that both Adonnis and Rocky are fighting the same exact battle and that they need each other. The only thing is that one of them feels as though they have nothing to fight for, and the other ones feels as though they have everything to fight for. That is what makes Rocky’s words so important when he pulls Adonnis in front of the mirror and tells him “You see that man in front of the mirror, that’s gonna be your toughest opponent, I believe that’s true in the ring and I believe it’s true in life.” Throughout the movie you can see that battling yourself is the hardest task you’ll ever have.

When you are introduced to Adonnis love interest you fall for her as well. Not because she’s pretty but because you see that she’s fighting the same battle that Adonnis and Rocky are fighting the only difference is that she’s not letting it stop her. She’s showing both of them how to battle yourself and win even though the odds are against you. Their side story is extremely heartwarming.

A lot of people will try to figure out will this movie have the same heart and feel of Rocky and the answer is yes! You will want for Adonnis, you want him to get to where he wants to be. You see the progression being made during his training and it is both hilarious and intense. You find yourself cheering as he begins to get better and better. When he meets his training team you begin to get excited knowing that maybe he has a shot now. The movie is updated and it feels as though it’s mixing two worlds and helping everyone understand each other just a little more. The fights are magnificent you will find yourself shadow boxing in the theater. At one point and time the whole theater was on the edge of their seats with their hands over their mouths staring at the screen in anticipation. That is the level of intensity and sheer greatness that this movie displays.

The acting in this movie was incredible. The always lovely and classy Phylicia Rashad stole the scene whenever she was on it, even if it wasn’t for that long. Sylvester Stallone might end up with some awards for his performance. His role in Adonnis’s life couldn’t have been portrayed anymore beautifully. Each and every trainer and fighter in this movie was amazing, they displayed a level of intensity that could make even the most relaxed of people tense up. Tessa Thompson was great as Bianca. You knew that she supported him and was going to be there for him. The star of the show Michael B. Jordan played off of all of these characters beautifully and made for probably the best performance of his young and great career so far. He was intense, he was funny, he was charming, and he even had a few tear jerker moments in the movie as well. Sylvester and Michael are a great team.

Overall you should expect this movie to be full of funny moments, intense moments, great fighting, and most of all a lesson for all of us. It’s something that you can pass on to your kids and show them how Adonnis conquered the Mt. Olympus of his mind in order to achieve greatness. That is a lesson all of us can learn from. Creed is a magnificent film that should see awards in its future. It is one of the best movie of the year without a doubt. You’ll even see an award for best camera shot because there was one fight where it was done all in one take and it was amazing. This movie is great enough for multiple viewings and you’ll want to buy it on blu-ray as soon as you see it on shelves. Salute to Ryan Coogler for making a memorable movie for each and every one of us.

I’m giving Creed a 9.8/10

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