Deadpool Review: An Incredibly Awesome Adult Movie!


First of all let me tell you, this movie is not for kids! Think kick-ass with superheros. I saw so many parents taking their children to this movie and it was very inappropriate for kids. BUT! with that being said, Deadpool was an extremely fun, hilarious, and action packed superhero movie.

I had no clue what to expect when I came into this movie. I expected to laugh, well because Ryan Reynolds is hilarious and the trailers showed so many of the funny parts. But like most people I thought they showed the best parts in the trailer. I didn’t expect the love story to keep me engaged either. Even though the script was basic, the pacing and sheer entertainment of the story will keep you very engaged.

There are lots of time jumps in this movie but it’s done with beautiful precision. It’s as if the director speeds us up with the action, then shows us down with the story, and he does that the whole movie. It was very much like a roller coaster. Basically you start off fast, you slow down, then you speed up, and slow down, and speed up, and slow down, all the while you’re still completely exhilarated by the ride. I noticed that that type of pacing really helped make a very basic story thrilling and entertaining.

Deadpool is much different than the Deadpool from wolverine. He’s actually very funny. This movie has no problem picking on itself as well. Beacuse it’s not taking itself serious and having fun, you actually can understand and relate more to Deadpool. He’s not a very serious character either. As a matter of fact you’ll find yourself connecting more with the fluctuation of emotions he goes through. So basically you will understand and care about Deadpool in this movie.

The villain wasn’t very intimidating but he did make for some very good action scenes. As an audience member he couldn’t be taken serious, and that’s only because Deadpool never took him serious.

The acting was great in the movie. Everyone played their role incredibly. Ryan Reynolds is of course the star, this was a role he was born to play. The supporting cast was incredible as well.

Overall you should expect a fun, very funny, clever, fast paced, great action movie. Once again THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS! (Don’t ruin the sequel for us by complaining people). The R rating should be enough warning. But adults world wide, whether you know the character or not will actually love this movie.

I’m giving this movie a 8.9/10

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– Little King


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