Dizzy Wright- The Growing Process Review


I happened to be scrolling through the spotify new releases section and came across this album. I only decided to listen to it because I’ve heard a few tracks from him and I was somewhat impressed. Plus he was under Hopsin, a rapper i listen to quite often, so I decided to give this album a serious listen, and man I’m so happy that I did.

Dizzy really encompasses the title of the album with every one of his tracks. He’s seen so much with his new success, and his past experiences have turned him into who he is. Dizzy really tells great stories, he provides amazing perspective, and he truly awakens something different in you. One thing that everyone knows, growth is tough to deal with, whether it’s physically, emotionally, or mentally. Going through that pain truly brings a great human being out of you, a human that can relate to so many people. Dizzy has truly gone through some growth, whether it’s good or bad and he’s come out the side a more polished person. The beginning of his album is almost just him reflecting on everything he’s learned thus far and how he’s applying it to his life now. God Bless America really just makes you vibe and nod your head as you just close your eyes and you melt into the words being spit by Dizzy, Big K.R.I.T, and Tech N9ne. The album for the most part is vibe music, but it’s vibe music that feels you full of deep thoughts.

Also it’s as if Dizzy knows that, though he’s grown, he still has some growing to do. Dizzy knows that he can’t get rid of the urge to want to spend money and bask in his success. He’s learned to appreciate and accept that though, he knows that people will try to bring him down, but he knows that he’s out grown the ones who don’t want him to make a better life for himself. Another part of the growing process that he’s trying to get used to. Towards the latter part of the album Dizzy reflects on the growing that he has to do. Although he’s done a lot of growing he knows he’s going to hit another growing process because he’s reaching a new level of success and he knows that he needs to use his voice and his influence to be a leader to people who need it.

The stand out tracks on this album are: Higher learning, God Bless America, Good Vibes, Explain Myself, and Floyd Money Mayweather.

Dizzy really wants to give y’all an album stating that he’s grown, he’s growing, and he knows that he has a lot more growing to do, and he succeeds really well at doing this.

I’ve got to give this album an 8.5/10, I really recommend you give this album a listen, definitely a great addition to your collection.

-Little King


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