Fake It Till You Make It, But I Might Not Make It


My friend and I were talking one day and he was saying how he wanted to go camping with his wife. Only problem is that he’s never been before, and that every sound and creek that happens while he’s outside is going to make him paranoid. I told him “Man, you’ve got to fake it till you make it.” When I told him that it made me think of this one time that a girl could clearly tell that I was trying to fake it….


  • One day, this girl named Janelle that I liked, she was in one of my classes in college (Stagecraft I think) me and her shared a lot of similarities, we would talk, text, hang out after class. I really wanted to find a reason to take her out on a date.

  • There are few things that I don’t do, I don’t mess with alligators, sharks, or scary stuff, so when she hits me up saying “You want to come to the haunted forest with me?” I didn’t know how to act.

  • I’m thinking to myself, should I tell this girl that I can’t do it, and risk losing this date? Nah, I’m going to that damn haunted forest.

  • So I call my best friend up and I ask her what the haunted forest is like, she told me “It’s crazy, these people chase you with chainsaws through this maze, and things just popping out on you in the dark”

  • HUH?……

  • As if that very vivid description wasn’t enough, she continues on “And they make you sign a waiver saying, if you die from like a heart attack or something it’s not there fault.”

  • HUH!?!?!?……

  • I was gazing at this text message I sent this girl and could only focus on those three words I said “Yea, Lets go!”

  • I just sat on my wall suspended in deep thought. How the hell am I gonna make it through this? I mean, I was scared to watch Thriller as a kid.

  • Oh well, Man you got to fake it till you make it, but I might not make it.

  • So Janelle comes to pick me up (Oh yea, she volunteered to pick me up) and I sluggishly stroll down those stairs.

  • I get inside the car and I decided it’s show time! I put on a smile and I tried to scare her. She just laughed.

  • I’m looking at this girl’s beautiful smile thinking, this is about to be tragic.

  • So we’re riding through to the haunted forest, the street lights were giving me comfort and I really started thinking everything was going to be alright….. NAH

  • All of a sudden the street lights started becoming scarce, and the road seemed darker, and I wasn’t seeing as many buildings, I was starting to see more darkness and woods.

  • But I’m chatting with her with whatever conversation she throws at me, we’re having a good time. But my answers were starting to become real short.

  • Next thing I know, I see no street lights, and only woods


  • I was staring out the window like she was about to take me to the woods mob style and off me.

  • She looks over at me and says “You mighty quiet over there.” I just smiled and said “nahhh.”

  • Yo I was LOSING IT!

  • Sadly, my emotions are worn all over my face, she looks at me and says “You’re scared?!” I told her “No, I’ve just never been to this part of town, it’s hella different.” I’m trying my best to remain as cool as possible.

  • Then we pull in front of that damn haunted forest, I took three deep breath’s and was thinking, “I’m about to blow this shot” all because she was selfish enough to take me to a damn haunted forest.

  • Like, I’m legit cussing her out in my head, my palms were sweaty. Thank god she couldn’t check my heart rate.

  • So we’re driving through this dark, sinister, creepy, devilish looking dirt parking lot, and I see the forest, it’s in a maze form. I thought to myself, I’ve stepped into an endless barrage of jokes and laughter, and this girl is going to block me from calling.

  • So I was sad, but there was light at the end of the tunnel.

  • As I was lost in the fear, she happened to see a sign and she said “Aww, man they’re not open.”

  • SOOOO I perked up, said “Damn man! I was tryna go, joint looked crazy, oh well.”

  • So we go to get something to eat instead.


Moral of the Story: Fake it till you make it, God got your back.

– Little King


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