Getting My Chinese Food


I didn’t know if I wanted to tell this story or not, but forget it, i’m going to tell it.

So I decided that I was going to partake in a lovely cuisine at the china garden, I would take it home and enjoy a good movie.

So I drove around trying to make sure that I found the perfect place, and boom I found it.

So I hop out my car and there is a lady who was several steps ahead of me, so I think about the normal human thing. Do I open my stride up a bit and pass her so I can get my food first? Or Do I let her go ahead? I decided to let her go ahead.

The white lady steps into the fine food establishment and I follow suit, I see the cashier, a nice lady who was waiting.

The lady was picking up her food, and the cashier was just cheerful while talking to the lady. The lady was new to the town and they were just laughing and sharing stories like they’ve been friends for years.

Great! Now i’m starting to feel better about me and the cashier’s interaction when I get up there, I love to chat and stuff.

Finally, the white lady leaves and she heads on out the door, so I step up, a smile on my face and a conversation on my heart.

The cashier wasn’t even looking at me….. huh?

I say, “Hi, how are you doing.” She hits me with just the “Fine.” Oh, So I see now that she doesn’t want conversation.

OK fine lady, just give me the damn sweet and sour chicken and we’ll move the hell on.

She wouldn’t look me in the eyes at all when taking my order, oh but she snatched that credit card out my hand to ring that bad boy up.

Man, she better be glad I was hungry and was sincerely craving Chinese food.

So I get through paying my 10 dollars for that damn sweet and sour chicken, and she doesn’t give me an estimated time as to when it will be ready, she just hands me the receipt. MAN! She may as well just thrown that thing on the floor, that would at least let me know firmly, where she stood with me.

I leave out of there pissed, I go there expecting this lady to shower me with smiles, and she couldn’t even make eye contact. No worries, i’ll leave and come back, she BETTER have a better attitude when I get back from getting my food lion fruit punch soda (those things are so good)

So 10 minutes later I walk back through those doors, and i’m staring, I want to see a different attitude from that lady.

Oh but I get no eye contact again as she’s cleaning the soda machine. I still don’t know if my food is ready or not. So I was determined to make this visit as uncomfortable as I could.

I was staring my friendly but not friendly cashier down the whole entire time, just waiting….

She’s back behind the counter and i’m just staring at her, waiting for a response.

Finally she throws on a smile and a friendly voice and she says, “It’ll be just a few minutes sir, i’m sorry for the wait, they forgot your extra egg roll.”


I threw a smile on and said “It’s no problem.” She was still smiling and said “Thank you for the wait, I’m really sorry.” Clearly they pissed her off forgetting a part of my order.

So then I got my food and went on about my day and ingested the food until it was no more.

I just told you this story to say, no matter what comes your way, a smile can change your day. (Lol, that sounds like something you’d hear on a childrens show).

-Little King

P.S. The picture at the top is not the restaurant.


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