God Is A Pine Tree


Every week I make a conscious decision to go to a trail or a park and sit on a bench and admire nature. I leave my phone, and my wallet. I only bring my keys to my car (I don’t want to be locked out)

One day, when I was doing this, I was staring up at the trees and admiring the birds and the wind. My mind was empty, I was only looking at how tall the trees were in comparison to me. I watched as people jogged by with their headphones plugged in, or their phones up to their ears and I wondered if they were seeing the same things as me. Then I thought to myself, of course not. But those heavenly 30 minutes of sitting there and looking at the woods, and smelling the autumn air energized me.

I thought to myself “leaves are finally falling off of the trees, fall is here.” In North Carolina, it’s been delayed due to some unseasonably warm weather. It was warm today as well, and I couldn’t wait to get outside and admire nature once more, but I saw something totally different while I was unplugged.

My mind wasn’t clearing while I was out there, it was becoming more and more cluttered as time went by. I was getting frustrated that things weren’t going as smoothly as before. So instead of saying “FORGET IT” And going back home, instead I took deep breaths. In through my nose, and out through my mouth. I counted up to eight, then back down to one. Suddenly my nostrils started opening up as I started smelling the pine in the air.

When I opened my eyes, the world seemed new. I started noticing how beautiful the leaves were, how cool it was that every being on earth has their own language (animals included). Then I started to think about something that I take for granted every year. The leaves changing colors. Granted, I love when leaves change colors, but something about it struck me different this time. I looked at it as a life cycle. In the spring when we see the leaves blossom from the naked branches, they’re being born. They’re colorful, unique and ready to take on what’s ahead. Much like human beings when we’re born.

Then in the summer, all of the trees leaves are green. They’re all going through the harsh heat of summer, and the droughts and hardships. Even though they’re different trees, still, all the leaves are green. Which means that they’re going through the same things.

Then something magical happens in the fall. The leaves have “Matured.” They’ve made their way past the harsh season and you can see their color and how unique they are once again. Some leaves choose not to change colors, and just stay the same, but most leaves become unique and make going outside a beautiful experience. I witness the beauty of birth, the hardships of life, and the clarity of maturity every year, and I miss it.

But there’s one tree that stays the same. One tree that looks on as all the other trees go through changes. The pine tree. The pine tree steadily sprouts green pines. It’s the most stable of all of the trees. Life doesn’t affect it at all. It’s smell is possibly the strongest smell that we have on earth. The pine tree, just… Is. The pine tree watches as all of the other trees go through changes year after year and it always stays the same.

Even on the most popular holiday of the year, we use a pine tree. Think about that Christmas tree this year when you put it inside your house. That Christmas tree makes your house smell wonderful. You wake up with joy and cheer every morning. Christmas represents the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, and we use a pine tree. Interesting. Once you let this pine tree in your home you must keep in constant contact with it, you must water it and take care of it. It was just fine on its own, but now that you’re having it in your life, it requires more of you.

And if you take care of it, it’ll stay green all year! Which most of us don’t want that anyway, but still! It would if we wanted!

God loves us, whoever you know god to be. He’s watching us like a pine tree watches the other leaves be born, and then die. Rather these leaves decide to be beautiful or not, that pine tree is going to be a pine tree. It’s the same thing with us humans, regardless of rather or not we choose to accept our destiny, God, is going to be god. We can either make our lives better, or make them worse, but regardless, the days are going to move on.

This epiphany happened from just sitting, talking, and breathing in the miracle that is the earth. I know I sound like a hippie, but it’s true. Everywhere we walk is a miracle. Nature is a miracle. My sinuses have been going haywire lately, but I stepped outside for a few minutes and I could breathe so much better, it wasn’t until I came inside that I started to feel a little worse.

I wanted to write this article to tell you that regardless of how you’re feeling, you’ve got to keep moving. Trust me, I have been battling with some depressed thoughts myself, but things are going to continue to move forward. So we can either pick ourselves up, get help and move forward, or we can stay the same and not mature. But regardless, God’s gonna be god. A pine tree is gonna be a pine tree, and every year the leaves will blossom, and then die. So we might as well make the best of it.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

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