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Hidden figures has been on my to watch list for quite a while. To hear that African-american women helped put our astronauts on the moon was to great of a story to pass up. It’s very sad that we had to find out this huge part of american history through a movie, but i’m glad that it was made, and made with the style and grace. The country as a whole has come to love Taraji P. Henson, she is a phenomenal actress, and to have Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae starring along side of her was only setting this movie up to be huge. But like most star-studded films the question always lingers, will it be able to live up to the names on the cast?

I’ll go ahead and rip that band-aid off quick, Yes it does! From the opening of Hidden figures you are immediately drawn into the emotion of the film. You can sense the character’s intellect and you believe that nothing is going to stop her. But being a black girl in the 1960s is the only thing that we were all nervous about. Still, the filmmakers did an incredible job of showing that this girl would not be stopped. Her parents won’t slow her down, and neither will society.


In a lot of these historic black films it tends to paint black american’s as oppressed beyond all comprehension and can be depressing to watch to say the least. Everything they try ends in tragedy and the small victory that happens still feels like a loss in most moviegoers eyes. Hidden figures does not deliver a depressing tale at all. What they do is show the struggle of being a black american living in average societal norms. Lucky for us, these women are not normal. Despite fighting against discrimination they focus on something bigger than themselves, something bigger than the societal issues that they face. What we see with this movie is women looking past there personal feelings for the bigger picture. That is what makes Hidden figures a great start to the new year. We as Americans can learn something from these women. No matter what your obstacles are, you must get to the finish line however you can.


The actors and actresses chosen to play in Hidden figures makes the story even greater to watch. There was not one actor or actress that did not do this movie justice, but let’s start with the stars. Janelle Monae is truly becoming more than just a musician, seeing her play in movies is just as satisfying as watching her perform on stage. In Hidden figures she is funny, stern, emotional, and just an overall force during the movie. Every time that she is on camera you can expect to feel one of those emotions. Kevin Costner does an incredible job as Al Harrison, another computer for NASA’s space program. He only wants to do his job, and surround himself with people who can get the job done. He does not care what color you are, what gender you are, if you’re smart you’re on his team, and that was refreshing to see from a movie set in this time period. Octavia Spencer, Octavia Spenced the hell out of her role. She is an incredible actress, what more can we say about her. She’s the pillar in every movie that she plays and this one is no different. She’s strong, fearless, and intelligent, and that is a great combination.

Now lets move to the star of the film. Taraji P. Henson. Taraji has basically made herself one of the top actresses in hollywood. Any role that she plays she embodies it with class and vigor. You can always feel a piece of herself in every role she plays and Hidden figures is no different. She will grab at your heart from the moment you see her on screen. I don’t see her play many shy, and passive roles, but she can now check that off the list. She commanded the screen even in her more passive role. Don’t think she stays that way, when she’s fed up we finally get the patented Taraji P. Henson that we’ve come to love. Someone who will speak her mind, make her voice heard, and someone who won’t be walked all over. Just an overall fantastic job by Taraji.


The only problem with the movie is that you’ll want to learn more about the personal relationships. Sadly a movie can’t depict all the details of their lives and work and some may feel like they got screwed. That’s why their’s a book, just go and pick it up for the details.

The filmmakers truly made an incredible tale. All of the CGI, all of the set pieces, and even the wardrobe make you step into the world of computing at NASA and they deserve all the respect as well.


Overall you can expect to learn a great deal about american history with this movie, something that was tried to keep hidden. Just a little factoid: the only reason why this story was brought to light is because the woman who wrote the book, her father actually worked Katherine Johnson and told his daughter the story. Had it not been for that personal connection we might’ve never heard of this story. When watching this movie you will definitely be turned around with all of the numbers that they toss at you, don’t get discouraged by this, we aren’t all engineers, astrophysicist, or mathematical geniuses. Do expect to be thoroughly informed and entertained while watching this movie. Kudos to the whole cast and crew of Hidden figures.

I’m going to give this movie an 8.9/10

Tell us some of your favorite moments from Hidden Figures!

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