How To Make Christmas Dinner Fun! A Christmas Story In 2016


Christmas is a magical time of year. A year to which everyone is just joyful and happy. I know that a lot of us use this time of year to spew our political and ideological indifference’s with the holiday, but those people are generally ignored. There is something about the season of giving, a season to where we go all out of our way just to see someone smile. As great as it is to receive, it feels even better to give. When someone finally opens that gift that you thought long and hard on and you get the exact reaction that you expect. There is no better feeling than that. 

After all of the Christmas morning fun, we finally have all of the family over for Christmas dinner. Christmas dinner is when all of the family comes and we celebrate together. We celebrate our generous hearts, and just our overall love for each other. 

BUT SOMETIMES! Christmas Dinner is not what we always expect it to be. With each family, there are people that we truly just don’t want around. Somehow they always end up finding their way to our Christmas dinners and end up making for a crazy Christmas story. However, they are family and we have to love them but sometimes it gets hard to do that. There is nothing more annoying than seeing Christmas ruined by someone who is just a miserable person in general. Luckily that is why family truly exists. Even though we all want to kick that person out of the house from Christmas Dinner and never invite them back, we find ways to love past that. 

The gathering makes us appreciate both the good and the bad. Though we all deal with bad sometimes, we must know how to look past it and love anyway. Christmas dinner’s sometimes show us just how to do that. 

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– Little King.



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