I Probably Shouldn’t Do This, But I’m Going To Do It Anyway.


As I’m scrolling through the internet looking at useless, mind numbing stories I keep seeing a trend going on that we as people continue to ignore. What is funny is that normally if one or two human beings from one group of people do something than we automatically condemn the group of people instead of the one or two. So we judge based on a few. So we have it in us to look at a situation and go “hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t do this because I remember what happened the last time with such a situation.” We can do this with human beings, but never material things. We trust an item way more than we trust a human, and that makes no sense to me. Ever if the item shows a pattern of destruction we still trust that it’s not going to happen us. But after watching video after video I can’t help but wonder…


First of all, these hoverboards aren’t truly hoverboards. Yes the actual board hovers above the ground but it’s rolling on wheels, I guess in a way I can see why they can “technically” call it that. But these boards don’t hover. They merely roll on the ground at the rate of a turtle just to prevent you from picking your legs up and striding them forward to walk. These hoverboards can’t be worth all of this. The main thing is that video after video, person after person has shown you that these things just randomly burst into flames as if it were designed to do that (Where’s Smokey the bear when you need him).  I mean come on! I know you’re thinking that celebrities ride these things all the time, but they’re riding hoverboards that are thousands of dollars and built with quality materials. The hoverboards that the regular consumer is getting was made by Johnny up the street with some wires from his old lawnmower and his barely working solder iron.

Clearly there is some work that needs to be done to these machines before they’re released to the public. But in a business sense, if you’re going to keep buying them than why wouldn’t they keep putting them out. You’ve got to wake up here people, this board can’t be that important. I know that we all want to be a part of the conversation and new trend but I encourage you to be smart.

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