I Want To Be A Kid Again!


I saw a video on buzzfeed that took me all the way back to my childhood. It was a little girl who wore a go-pro on her bookbag when it was her first day of kindergarten. The excitement on the little girl’s face was so heartwarming. She was just so excited to start life and feel like a big girl officially. In her world being a big girl is going to school and learning. She was getting her first dose of life and she no longer could be shielded from it by her parents. She was excited to finally get to experience it. This little girl’s video was a trip down memory lane to when things were much simpler.

We’ve all wanted to be adults since we were little. We don’t like getting told what to do or how to do it so we try our best to grow up. Only we grow up and realize that things weren’t as advertised. Our parents kept a lot of their struggles away from us in order to keep us as innocent as possible for as long as they could. We kept trying to force our way into their world but honestly we weren’t ready for it. We should have been simply enjoying being children.

We should have been excited with the prospect of just living life and experiencing new things. We get older and realize that we don’t want to experience anymore, we simply want to sleep and let life pass us by. We don’t want to be adults anymore. Even when some of us do childlike things that require imagination we get told how we’re not acting our age and how we need to grow up. Why should we do that? Being a kid was so much fun, and if we can be kids and also mix in the responsibilities of being an adult than who are we to say that’s not how we’re supposed to live life?

The little girl in the video really showed me that being excited about possibility and change can be a great thing, but it can also be a scary thing. If we can hold on to what little bit of innocence we have left, than we will be just naïve enough to believe maybe we don’t have to be depressed adults. Maybe we can have the same amount of excitement as the little girl. Being an adult has it’s perks, but so did being a kid. Maybe we should embrace change a lot more just as kids starting kindergarten do, let’s not run when it gets hard let’s make it through and become better.

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– Little King


(Just for kick’s, here’s the link to the adorable video)




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