I’m Mortal, I Make Mistakes, Don’t Abandon Me If I Do.


After helping the masses you need time to yourself. You need time to think on what you’ve done, what you’ve said, and what you want to do. You also need time just to rest yourself. Often times during this time to yourself you will find yourself questioning everyone else. All of your experiences have shown you to always stay on your toes. Even though people look at you like a hero, we all know that even heroes are crucified. With all of this knowledge of self, and of the way the world works you’re going to find yourself wondering, will these people always be down for me?

You’ve admitted to the fact that you’re not perfect, you’ve shown people what the truth. The truth is, you’re insecure with yourself. You don’t know if you can always avoid temptation. You don’t know if you’ll always have the right thing to say. The fear of letting people down now weighs heavily on you because you know of your importance to them.

The people in power do not like knowledge available to the masses. They want to keep people ignorant so that they can sell them something. When a person comes through and disrupts all of that, things get really dicey for that prophet. He is accused of things he didn’t do, the ones in power paint the person out to be awful. Suddenly the ones who follow you are going to wonder just who you are?

The next thing you know you’re being crucified. That’s because you were built up only to have your fall be that much harder. Reflecting on these things will bring tranquility to your mind. Letting others know that they should trust you will be hard, but you have to be confident that they now know how to question what has been told to them because you opened their eyes.

When people make you seem immortal, it’s tough seeing yourself as a mortal man. You must learn to live in your truth, and trust in the ones that listen to you.


I want to give a special shout out to Kendrick Lamar for putting together such a beautifully woven piece of art with To Pimp A Butterfly. The year anniversary of this album is the first of many years that we acknowledge and appreciate this album. Everyone has their own interpretation of this album and I encourage everyone to live in there truth. At the end of the day this album will live on for generations.

Thanks to all of you that read my articles on each song of this album. I pray this touched at least one person.

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