In My Mind Review: Blending The Old With The New.


First of all, I’m writing this review as a completely unbiased music fan. Sometimes reviews come strictly from diehard fans, but I genuinely love R&B, the old and the new. I appreciate live instruments to the point where it affects my core. There’s something soothing about old school R&B. There’s also something very fun, unique, and adrenaline filled about the new talented artists today. Finding a balance between these two is tough. But thank god for BJ the Chicago Kid’s album “In my mind” Because he found a perfect balance between old school live instruments and new school energy. Making for an amazing album.

I’ve been told for a few years to give BJ the Chicago Kid some smell, and I tried but he just wasn’t my cup of tea. Thanks to new music Friday on Apple Music I happened to see his new album was up so I decided to give him one last try. From the first song he captivated me. He’s truly gotten better as a solo artist since the last time that I listened to him.

“In my mind” delves into the mind of a lover from Chicago. A lot of his music deals with love and the different ways it’s expressed in today’s day and time. His lyrics are unique and compact. The old school, mixed with new school comes out of him through his lyrics. He uniquely tells us of the state of people’s minds in today’s day and time. Although he does talk about love most of the album he does switch it up on tracks like “Crazy.” And “Home.” And talks about success and the struggles he’s had with it, and how he wants other people to be great.

The live instruments in this album are absolutely amazing. I love the fact that live instruments are making their way back into music. There’s something magical about instruments and we were disconnected from the music, but “In my mind” blends the instruments and synthesized beats to a perfect balance. You’ll find yourself snapping your head and deeply involved in the music.

Over each track BJ really does ease you into each and every song. He sings so smoothly over the album. I won’t say that he has a particularly powerful voice, but don’t sleep on his vocal range at all. He really displays a lot of his power on Jeremiah, and man it is a lot more than most people would think.

Some of the stand out songs are “Jeremiah/World Needs More Love”, “The New Cupid”, “Wait Till The Morning”, and “The Resume.” This album should be in the early contention for best soul/R&B album of the year. There is not one song that you will skip on this album. It is a very concentrated album with a great theme, and a lot of work was put into it. You can tell that because none of these songs feel like throw away songs.

I’m giving this album a 9.1/10

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