Is Fall The New Season For Movie Blockbusters?


If you are an avid movie goer like me than there’s always one time of year where the excitement is raised so high to where a heart attack is probably plausible. The summer blockbuster. Every year where the hundred million dollar films pull the curtains back and let us enjoy all the action we can possibly handle. The crazy thing about blockbusters is that it doesn’t have to always be action. It can have a big named actor or actress in it with a decent concept and we’ll all pack the theaters just to support them. For the last 5-7 years summers have been over-saturated with superhero movies and sequels. We know what to expect during that time. But over the last few years I’ve noticed a shift in big movies that I don’t think anyone else has noticed. A lot of big movies and big named actors aren’t coming out as much in the summer, they’re all coming out with movies in the fall. Which should leave one to wonder if the fall is now the new blockbuster season?

Just in 2014 alone look at the list of movies that came out in the fall. Interstellar, The Maze Runner, The Hobbit, The Interview, Big Hero 6, American Sniper, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay, Fury, and a host of other movies. These movies seem like movies that would traditionally be released during the summer. They’re all huge for theaters and movie goers alike. Then we can look at this year’s slate of fall movies. Spectre, Hungers Games, Creed, The Revenant, The Hateful 8, The Martian, STAR WARS! All of these movies once again are traditional summer blockbuster movies.

One thing that I think people are beginning to notice is the fact that summer is really reserved for superhero movies. Though we all love them we are also getting tired of them. We see superhero shows being created back and forth, superhero sequels, superhero clothes, superhero costumes, and I think that the consumer is getting a little tired of it. Much like when the radio plays your favorite song to much, now all you want to do is skip it. I believe that the smart businessmen and women are noticing this shift in consumer attention and are aiming a lot of their big movies towards the fall because people now associate summer with superhero instead of blockbuster.

I myself am excited for it because it gives me something new to look forward to. When I look up trailers I don’t look for what’s coming out in the summer anymore because I already know. Everything that made me love the summer blockbuster for what it was is beginning to revitalize itself in the fall.

So people I say we begin to prepare ourselves for the fall blockbuster because that is what is happening right now. The fall blockbuster is giving us a movie with a purpose other than fancy camera angles. The fall blockbuster has original stories with characters that have depth, dialogue that relates to your life and it sends chills through your bones. Along with all of that it’s giving us AMAZING action scenes. Fall is about to be the season that we should look forward to for all of us movie lovers.

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