Is Rapsody Throwing Subtle Jabs At Nicki Minaj?


It’s been a few days and I think it’s time that we discussed Rapsody!

First of all, her album was incredible. No singing, no gimmick’s just straight bars! She sounds even better when she’s rapping over a 9th Wonder produced track. Let me tell you, to hear her growth over these years is jaw dropping. We can all listen past the lisp (although admittedly I still tease sometimes, like I do Shannon Sharpe) because in those words we’re getting something that’s going to change the world.

Listening to her album, and her overall flow it reminds me a lot of the rugged storytelling and crisp bars of Royce da’ 5’9. Rapsody takes experiences and makes them into something beautiful like the YouTube series “Millennial Adulthood” (Yes that was a shameless plug, go check us out).

But there’s something more important on this album that we need to discuss. I believe that Rapsody throws a very subtle jab at the reigning Queen of Rap, Ms. Nicki Minaj.

On her song “You Should Know.” Rapsody display’s her lyrical prowess over a beautifully crafted 9th wonder beat.

As we continue to listen we hear the lyric “I know some rappers only nice to me are just stars/ But really just afraid cause they know I go that hard.” WOOO! Don’t do it to them Rapsody! There’s so much truth in that line! She’s striking fear in EVERY MC! Not just female!

But Rapsody continues on “Asking if so and so and I gon’ rap together/ Yea, don’t worry bout’ it, I ain’t worried bout it.” We all know who she’s talking about! But once again, Rapsody is in her own lane and wants to do things her way. She doesn’t care about the exposure she would get with A-list rappers. She only wants to perfect her sound. Gotta love North Carolina!

Well, continue on Rapsody “There’s room in this game it ain’t crowded/ I’m aiming at the top, now a days y’all worried bout’ Miley Cyrus.” There it is! The jab that Nicki Minaj did not want!

I can imagine Rapsody laughing as she was writing this line. She knew that she would stir the pot. If we can all remember. Nicki Minaj decided to use her platform to call out Miley freaking Cyrus, and we all laughed! Really Nicki? You’re gonna pick on Miley?

In this lyric you can see that even Rapsody gave a side eye to the reigning Queen of Rap for doing that.

I wonder if Nicki Minaj will pick up on that and try to come hard at Rapsody. One thing that I do know, Rapsody’s bar’s are just as intricate as Royce da’ 5’9 but she spits with the passion of Kendrick Lamar, and she has the stars to back her. I imagine Nicki Minaj will think twice about this one.

But what do you guys think? Comment below and let us know if you think that Rapsody was taking a jab at Nicki Minaj.

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