It Took Four Years But Adele Is Back!


Adele really took the world by storm when she dropped her albums 19 & 21. Every accolade that was available she won and deservedly so. She has such an amazing and soulful voice that everyone wanted to let her soothing sounds penetrate their ears. But once she had to have surgery on her throat so many of us began to worry that things could be taking a turn for the singer. Then she had her child and we all thought, maybe she’ll just take a year or so off, she knows that we can’t go without her that long. That year then turned to two years, then three and we all sadly began to put it in our heads that maybe she was done with music.

BUT YEAR FOUR IS HERE! Adele has surprised us all with a new single and it has almost shook the world up about as much as the star wars trailer. To hear her voice seeping through our speakers once again has almost caused an aura of calm to encompass all of our homes. Traditionally Adele is someone who makes you reflect on the angry times you’ve


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