J. Cole Drops Off A New Song Titled High For Hours!


I was well aware that J. Cole wouldn’t be done dropping off new tracks even after he delivered 4 your eyez only. When J. Cole dropped “Everybody dies.” and “False prophets.” before the album, everyone should have seen that J. Cole would not be done just yet. He had more to say, but first he had to keep his promise to his friend and drop 4 your eyez only for his daughter.

But J. Cole is back on his grind and drops off an incredible track called “High For Hours.” Where he literally says that he has been high for hours, but he begins to think deeper as he gets higher.

Cole talks about how he had a conversation with President Obama when he said ” I raised my hand and asked the man a question. Does he see the struggle of his brother’s in oppression? And if so, if you got all the power and the clout as the president, what’s keeping you from helpin’ niggas out?”

That is just a small dose of what he brings on High For hours. I won’t ruin the song for you. Just check it out yourselves and tell us what you think.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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