J Cole Sends A Clear Message About Kanye West On His New Song “False Prophets.”


With the release of J Cole’s album on the way we are all anxiously waiting for December 9th. J Cole has been extremely quiet when it comes to putting out a verse over the last few years and maybe now we’re going to see why.

He’s had a lot to think about and reflect on. Like what the fame will do to you, how keeping certain type of people around can deteriorate the mind. How black lives are being killed in the street and no one seems to care. Through all of this turmoil, people are supposed to just forget about it and continue on with there lives.

J Cole has always been the person to understand a situation but not speak much on it because he had his own hurdles to jump. But with all of the drama going on in the world right now, he has to say something. People now look to him as somewhat of an activist. A silent activist, but an activist none the less.

Following in the steps of Dave Chappelle, Cole decides to tackle what fame can do to your heroes. J Cole has put out a visual for his song “False Prophets.” In this song he mentions Kanye and his situation, though he doesn’t say him by name.

False Prophets brings out some of the real in J Cole lyrically when he says “He’s falling apart but we deny it, justifying that half a** s*** he drop, we always buy it.”

The soulful and thought provoking False Prophets doesn’t stop there when he says “There was a time when this nigga was my hero maybe, maybe that’s why his fall from grace is hard to take.”

False Prophets doesn’t hold back, we even have to wonder if J Cole decided to come for Drake as well when he says “Come to find out these rappers don’t even write they s***, hear some new style bubbling up then they bite the s***.”

If this song is a small fraction of what’s to come, than we can expect Cole to unapologetically tackle other controversial issues and force people to reevaluate the people to which we analyze.


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