J. Cole Sneaks A New Song On Us Called “Everybody Gotta Die” While No One Was Looking.


J. Cole has surely already flooded us with enough to talk about with just one song. False Prophets was thought provoking, honest, and just raw. J Cole said things that all of us have been both thinking and saying about our heroes in the music industry.

But while we were steadily talking about False Prophets, Cole sneaked another video on us called “Everybody Gotta Die.”

A song that where we see J. Cole seriously exercising his lyrical prowess over a smooth instrumental. For so long J. Cole has been flooding us with sobbing songs about his struggles with fame, that he forgot that sometimes we just want to hear someone just flow over the beat like A tribe called quest.

Everybody gotta die definitely gives us the lyrical poetics we deserve from Cole. When he says “Clap back to fake deep rappers, the OG gate keep rappers, the would you take a break please rappers. A bunch of words and ain’t sayin’ s***, I hate these rappers.”

On “Everybody Gotta Die.” J Cole even takes aim at all of the one hit wonder rappers who think they belong with the greats just because they have one song out that’s popular. He tells them “Especially the immature, eight week rappers, Lil whatever, just another short bus rapper, fake drug dealers turned tour bus trappers. Napoleon complex, you this tall rappers.”

That’s the kind of Cole we need around. The one who is not afraid of anyone in the industry. The J Cole who no longer tries to get praise form who’s popular because he’s in his own lane. Maybe Jay Z has truly had an affect on J. Cole after all.

Anyways don’t forget to get your copy of the album 4 Your Eyez Only when it drops December 9th.

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– Little King.


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