John Mulaney The Comeback Kid Review: A Triumphant Return To The Screen.


I first discovered John Mulaney randomly while on a Pandora comedy station one day. Instantly he was funny. It was as if he’s settled into how weird and out of whack he is and could just relate his awkwardness to people’s silly misconceptions of him. When I first heard New in Town I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got was gut twirling laughs. So I was excited to see his new show premiere on fox, but sadly it was canceled after some bad ratings. So imagine how elated I was when I saw that he had a new comedy special that was on Netflix! I must say, throughout all of John’s ups and downs he has still grown a lot and he puts that on display in the most hilarious ways during this special.

John really understands that his outward appearance is nothing like how he really is. So when he starts talking about his personal situations in his life he likes to shock the crowd with what he’s experienced. John has very good manners and he puts his good boy charm on display. John starts out talking a lot about what he’s personally gone through and the growth that he’s experienced and he really has some funny bits during this special. In a lot of ways it’s just absolutely hilarious to hear what crazy stories he’s got locked away in his memory vault.

John Mulaney’s special starts out a little slow but once he gets it going he does not let up! You’ll find yourself having to pause the video just so that you won’t miss anything. John is a lot bolder than what he’s been before. His stories start to tell a little more about his privilege growing up and he isn’t scared to say it. John isn’t scared to call out audience members, it’s almost as if he’s shedding his good boy charm and more settling into his stardom (while still being humble). Once you get about 20 minutes into the special just know that John really has something up his sleeve that will make you want to re-watch it over and over again. I’ve watched it 3 times already.

When you watch this special you should expect for it to be a little slow in the beginning but once John begins to really get his special going the laughs will begin to take off. His innocent charm will be comforting and his way of making the late 80s and the 90s blend with his childhood for laughs will be even better.

I’m going to give this special an 8.3/10

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