Just Because It’s A Date Does Not Mean You Can Get Whatever You Want!


There are often debates about how much a guy should spend on a first date. The answers that I’ve seen range from absurd to completely absurd! I’m often at a loss for words when I hear this stuff. I’ve got a story that should give ladies an inside to what we go through when it comes to these expensive dates and you’ve done nothing to earn it.


  • There was a girl that I was really feeling, her and I would often talk. She had an ex she broke up with like 3 months ago, so I figured things should be good.

  • Valentines day was coming up, and her and I are getting our plans together…. OH YA!

  • So we decide to go to the Japanese steakhouse, Kanki, probably not my best idea, but hey I was working, I had my own money, and me and the girl were really feeling each other.

  • Finally Valentines Day is here, so i take out $60 in cash. I figured that should be enough to cover both of us. We both aren’t getting $30 meals.

  • So I go to pick her up.. Cologne, Check….. Good Outfit, Check!

  • She comes out looking great, i’m thinking this is gonna be a great night.

  • Fast forward to us going to the restaurant. Me, the girl, and another couple were going with, all show up. The hostess was looking at me like…. mmmm hmmm, he’s the man. I was walking around like it too.

  • Me and the girl are arm in arm, flirty looks and touches being exchanged between the two of us. LET’S GO!

  • But D-Day was surely on it’s way.

  • Me and the girl are looking at the menu trying to figure out the eating move.

  • She looks at me and says “I think i’m going to get this.”

  • *shifts attention to menu*

  • YO! it’s the Valentines Day special, and this thing is THIRTY…. THREE…. DOLLARS!

  • I’m looking at this girl like, has she lost her damn mind!?

  • Then upon further inspection, I see it’s a dinner for two. alright cool, I can breathe easy.

  • And then she asks me “What are you getting?”

  • HUH!?

  • I’m looking at her thinking “This chick doesn’t plan on splitting a dinner for two!?” (Note To self, never be nice again!)

  • So I immediately come back to reality.

  • I was thinking to myself “Girl, i’m not a grown ass man, i’m a high school kid who works part time making 6 dollars an hour, THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?”

  • Yo, I look at my wallet to make sure that some money didn’t magically appear. (No luck)

  • So I look at the menu and say “I’m gonna get some water, and this little $15 meal”… Man there was nothing cheap in that menu.

  • Oh… and this chick decided that she didn’t want water! She wanted to get a soda!

  • So she’s just smiling having a good time. I’m secretly hating her on the inside.

  • Fast forward to the end of dinner. She has a doggy bad, and I have a half empty stomach.

  • But now the check is coming. I’m looking at her like…. If this thing is more than $60, you better put that doggy bag in their refrigerator back there and strap them gloves on and get to washing them dishes.

  • I open that check up and it said $57.


  • I’m thinking to myself “I’m sorry waitress I can’t give a tip, I need gas. blame this damn girl. “

  • The ride home was so quiet. and by quiet I mean, she was talking and I was saying NOTHING!

  • So needless to say, I would not be taking that girl out again.

  • OH! And the next week, she had the nerve to stop talking to me outside of school. I see her in the parking lot on day and she’s all hugged up on her ex boyfriend…..

Needless to say, these first date debates need to stop. Girls be humble and look for the groupon deals just like me. or just go to twitter and look up the hashtag #cheapdateideas, suggest whatever you find, guarantee you that the guy will be going no where.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

-Little King.


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