Top 5 Videos From Kain Carter That Show His Growth.


I’ve been watching Kain Carter AKA hotdamnirock’s videos for years. This YouTube personality has been through a lot. But through it all he’s always made us laugh. All he did was talk about his life. That’s all that Kain Carter did.

From that, the hotdamnirock YouTube personality’s channel was born. Things that happened to him were hilarious. I couldn’t relate to all the stories, but I could relate to Kain Carter’s feeling of fear, confusion, and rational thinking. I quickly subscribed to the hotdamnirock YouTube page and didn’t look back. Every week I had something new to look forward to.

But as the years went on, Kain Carter began to have a different vibe to his videos. Suddenly, life was beginning to happen and there wasn’t always a fun laugh at the end. Sometimes it was reflection. We didn’t know that we were watching the hotdamnirock YouTube page turn from pure jokes to an introspective YouTube channel.

At first, I thought it was strange, but as I began to mature and understand the hardships of life, I began to understand why he was doing the things that he was doing. Kain Carter has truly grown in front of our eyes and become and inspiration.

So I’ve decided to give you guys the top 5 video from Kain Carter that show his growth.

5. Put Some Clothes On Bro.

This was the first kain Carter video I’d seen. When I first tuned into the hotdamnirock YouTube page this video stuck out to me. Every male could relate to this real life incident. Little did Kain Carter know, he was helping us cope with life early on.

4. Get Off My Dick 2011.

Kain Carter has always been inspirational, but it always came with a joke. He was encouraging people to be who they are, now I know that we always expect him to make us laugh, but like most great comedians, there was truth wrapped in his jokes. We knew who Kain Carter was, and what he was about early on. But I don’t think that he knew at the time. So his videos felt relatable but not personal.

3. My Response.

This is where things were beginning to get real for Kain Carter. Everyone was now seeing similarities between the hotdamnirock YouTube videos and Patrice O’Neal stand ups. To me, this was the first time that we were seeing a serious Kain Carter jump off the screens and be honest with his audience. This was an eye opening video.

2. Saying Goodbye.

Watching this video from Kain Carter brought tears to my eyes. Actually scratch that, I was barely able to see because my eyes were filled with so many tears. It was so real, so raw, and so emotional. For the first time he couldn’t make sense of anything, and I can relate so much to that.

1. Digging Through The Box.

Kain Carter has really come a long way since he started his hotdamnirock YouTube channel. Everything about his videos were funny, but his life was all but that. He tried to find a way to smile through all of that pain. It wasn’t until his friend died and he couldn’t make sense of it that he was left with life’s harsh reality. Sometimes shit just happens, and it sucks.

Being such a huge fan of Kain Carter throughout the years has helped me grow. I’ve seen myself in him, and for the first time I can see understand his pain. What’s most important about watching his growth is the fact that we all can use his story as inspiration to keep us moving in hard times.

Kain Carter we appreciate everything that you have been doing. More importantly we can appreciate how your inspiring strength and growth in us. We love you man.

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