Kendrick Lamar: Setting The Example We All Should Follow


Why is it that Kendrick Lamar’s 3 non-album songs could be put on an EP and be better than most albums?

He’s passionate, he realizes his influence, and is a leader. Kendrick doesn’t seem to be motivated by money, or a lavish lifestyle. He’s motivated by people, his love for mankind, and god’s will. Kendrick’s will from god is to inspire. Kendrick takes his talents and leads. No one can tell him what he does is wrong because he’s well rooted in his morals and who he is. We all know that Kendrick couldn’t have gotten here on his own though. Kendrick had to go through tough times and build tough skin in order for him to truly carry out the testimony that god had for him.

Above surviving Kendrick had to put his ego away. We all deal with thinking that someone is trying to steer us on the wrong path and that all comes with us having an ego bigger than our bodies. With that ego comes a close mindedness. We only believe that our way is right, but once we learn to get rid of that ego you will realize that even the smallest of people can provide you with advice you have never thought of. When you do that, you get what Kendrick Lamar has been doing. Inspiration, and not just the black community, but everyone. He’s learned from everyone, he’s listened to everyone, and what has happened is he has become a much more knowledgeable human being because of that. He also happens to be a bomb ass writer as well. One thing that you will realize that all successful people have done is they have gotten rid of their egos and opened their mind to more than just their way of thinking. Its people like Kendrick and countless others who want to spread that knowledge to others. The question is will you receive what he’s trying to give you? I know it sucks to look into the mirror and realize that you aren’t perfect, but will you still try to receive the message?

An ego can be a good thing, it can provide you with confidence. If we’re not careful it can be the very thing the devil will use to drag us down. This is why Kendrick’s songs can be better than most albums. He’s forcing us to look inward. Listen to these songs and tell me that you can’t hear Kendrick’s ego is pretty much gone. Without an ego, you realize that you are a vessel. A vessel mean to soak up knowledge and make the world a better place.

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